Mobile PoS

Pilot Mobile Point of Sale

Leverage mobile technology to improve the customer experience. Reduce order errors, improve order speed, increase table turn and allow waiters to proactively manage sections. Seamlessly integrates with Pilot PoS using iPad mini devices, with no training required.

Lower cost of ownership

Our modern mobile point of sale devices are cheaper and cost less to maintain than their predecessors. The iPad mini mobile devices tend to have a much longer lifespan than older systems, which means that you won’t have to pay to have them replaced as often. Most issues associated with solid state mobile PoS devices are generally software related, and can typically be resolved with a quick update that can be done within minutes, without any downtime or additional cost.

Improve communication between back and front of house

Eliminate the possibility of human error in the ordering process, from the front to the back of house. Mobile PoS enables waiting staff to accurately capture and control the delivery time of each order placed. The digital order is immediately relayed to the back of house staff to ensure accurate, timely delivery.

Ease of Use

Our mobile PoS software integrates seamlessly with iPad mini devices. The interface is easy-to-use and requires little training for waiting staff to operate. Every order can easily and accurately be captured along with the correct side orders and preparation preferences, without staff having to move between the kitchen and the floor.

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