Pilot Accounts

Proven Pastel Accounting Integration


With Pilot and Sage Pastel's seamless integration, all Pilot POS transactions appear in any Sage Pastel products, in a matter of seconds. Data can be integrated at a store, franchise head-office, or “remote” bookkeeper level.

All Pilot POS financial details are available in Pastel with no additional processing. This means huge savings on bookkeeper costs and the elimination of keystroke errors.

Sales, cost of sales, expense, VAT and stock usage is seamlessly updated and immediately available in Pastel.

Integration Features

  • Stock Purchases - by item category, or consolidated per supplier invoice.
  • Expenses - by expense type, with corresponding supplier invoice references.
  • Stock Usage - per category, to produce a fully detailed income statement in any Sage Pastel version.
  • Sales - consolidated daily, with VAT control and optional sales by department split.


Benefits Include:

Save Money

- No faxing of multiple reports every day.
- Save hours of bookkeeping time every month.
- Never miss SARS deadlines, so no chance of penalties.

Easy to Setup

- Map Pilot expense categories to Sage Pastel accounts.
- Map Pilot supplier accounts to Sage Pastel suppliers.
- Compile an account file between any two stocktakes in Pilot PoS.
- Automatically email the Accounts file to your bookkeeper or head-office.
- With SageOne, transactions are processed with no user intervention.

Avoid Duplication

- No need to recapture daily sales.
- No need to manually calculate VAT.
- No need to recapture stock purchases in Sage Pastel.
- No need to recapture expense payments in Sage Pastel.

Eliminate Errors

- No recapturing of data, so no chance of keystroke errors.
- All transactions are verified against Sage Pastel GL accounts and supplier codes.
Except for SageOne, transactions are available for review before posting.