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Administrative duties, however necessary, can be a drain on resources - if you’re still approaching your daily administrative duties with archaic tools and processes, that is.

While many companies are battling to cope with the challenges of big data, some are taking advantage of the opportunities.

In today’s marketplace, no business can compete without a positive brand awareness in the minds of its market.

Business sustainability is a priority for companies that understand the value of building lasting relationships with the communities they serve.

Happy customers mean great profit margins. The adage that the customer is king hasn’t lost its potency or validity over the decades.

Making sure your data backups occur regularly, predictably and securely is a business-critical function for any restaurant owner.

Effective accounting around the cash flow in your business means the difference between healthy profits and financial stagnation.

New food trends are always popping up to change the face of culinary arts.

When inventory goes missing due to loss or wastage, or if theft is prevalent in your business, you’re losing money.

Great menu ideas are a prerequisite for thriving restaurants. It takes a type of synergy between the head chef and the restaurant owner to come up with something really special.

Modern time-management tools are available to restaurant owners to ensure that employees aren’t caught bleeding the clock.