PilotCover Maintenance

Point of sale maintenance cover

From R699.00 ex VAT monthly - proactive site support:


NOTE: Price may vary slightly according to area/reseller/PoS points

Pilot’s complete proactive maintenance cover means you have one less thing to worry about. Pilot Cover gives you maximum uptime on your system with free round the clock call-outs, loan hardware and site maintenance.


  • Anti-virus checks and updates
  • System updates if applicable
  • Full system hardware check
  • Full system backup
  • Round the clock telephonic, email and remote support


Enjoy access to our Priority Support Line anytime. Pilot Cover means you also get free loan stock with an annual on-site audit of all Pilot equipment. No contract lockdown. You can opt out of Pilot Cover by simply giving 30 days advance notice.




Pilot Cover POS Support