In this challenging economic climate, restaurant owners need to leverage every advantage at their disposal, and the Pilot Point of Sale system could be the difference between success and stagnation. There are many benefits to our PoS system, and it has been designed to improve every aspect of restaurant management. In this blog, we look at the many advantages of Pilot Point of Sale.

1. Improve front to back office management

Need a Point of Sale solution that will help you manage your restaurant front and back office and keep your finger on the pulse of your establishment? You’ve got it.

  • Back of house: Control stock at all points, manage recipe costings, have visibility of raw material usage and view powerful reports.
  • Front of house: Process orders easily with touchscreen technology and biometric security.

Get centralised control that will enable you to manage and standardise recipes, menus and pricing. Take full control of your system remotely and lock down sites to prevent changes. And you can easily deploy updates to sites from anywhere.

Data insights with PilotLive

Your restaurant can benefit from cloud-based access to transactional data, meaningful reports and metrics. PilotLive is a reporting tool that provides real-time operational and financial data. It is an online browser-based feature that allows you to use data to your advantage. Your PoS collects data as processes run through it. These relevant and reliable metrics are shown in easy-to-read reports that give you insight into your establishment. They can be used to increase sales, improve workflows, identify operational weak points, eliminate revenue leakage and stock wastage, and accurately forecast financials.

Enhance customer experience with Pilot integrations

For your convenience and your clients’ convenience, we integrate with many different platforms that make working in the restaurant industry easier. These platforms include aspects such as food ordering, digital payments, draught pour control, and even property management. Check out the full list of Pilot integrations here.

Ensure optimal staff efficiency with In-time

To run busy restaurant operations effectively, an establishment relies on effective time management, and we have just the tool to assist. With In-time staff management, you can ensure your staff members are the most productive and efficient with powerful staff time management, including cutting-edge fingerprint recognition for holistic staff administration that will eliminate buddy clocking. It features:

  • Centralised staff time management
  • Sage Pastel Payroll and Sage VIP integration
  • Shift scheduling
  • Secure data transfer to payroll clerk
  • Accurate timesheets
  • Overtime and holiday rates and rules control
  • Automated logouts

Make mobile tableside ordering and payments easy

SmartPoS technology makes at-table digital ordering and payments a reality, with lower cost of ownership. These devices improve order speed and accuracy and enhance restaurant communication because they are continually updated with the latest menu information. You can also use SmartPos devices to take integrated payments, and they can even be used for taking delivery orders.

Stay on top of restaurant finances

One of the first things you should do for your restaurant bookkeeping is to ensure your PoS integrates into your accounting system. Using Pilot Accounts, you can integrate Pilot PoS into Sage Business Cloud, Sage Partner and Sage Evolution – and soon Xero! Keeping the books has never been easier.

Our Pilot Point of Sale system will equip you with the tools you need to run your restaurant successfully even in these tough times. To find out more about our PoS system and what you get from our solutions, take a look at our brochure.