Maintaining control over a large number of franchise sites can prove to be near-impossible without a centralised system. Although every franchise should use a Point of Sale system to collect and correlate data from each site, Pilot’s HQ system gives you ultimate control across multiple outlets.

The more control head office has over aspects such as pricing, recipes, menu items and updates, the easier it is for the franchiser to manage and standardise the quality of service and grow their business. Pilot HQ has been designed specifically with the franchise or multi-outlet operation in mind to enable complete protection of intellectual property and help minimise food costs.

Here’s how franchises and multi-outlet operations can benefit from Pilot HQ:

Lock down sites from a central point

HQ enables franchise managers to standardise menu pricing, recipes and other relevant information throughout every site, in every region, from a single location. This means there’s no need for back-and-forth communications and travel, which minimises the cost of managing various outlets. The system provides the ability to control purchase and sales items.

Menu updates, item specials, revised pricing and even screen layouts can be sent to every store with just the click of a button.

Get greater flexibility at a store level

Although it’s a powerful and necessary component of profit maximisation for the franchiser, Pilot HQ also helps individual store operators. The system enables store managers to maintain and present their local specials on a site-specific screen. On an operational level, store managers don’t require any training to manage the PLU costing and recipe-costing processes.

Everything is controlled by Pilot HQ from head office, which reduces the need to visit each site, and aids in profit maximisation.

Update menus automatically on a specific day

Pilot HQ gives the franchiser the power to update information remotely, avoiding expensive data management by eliminating the need to complete changes at each store – a cost-saving benefit for franchises and multi-outlet operations. Menu price adjustments can also be scheduled to update on a specified date across all outlets directly from head office, eliminating the need to budget for travel and resources, and effectively increasing revenue for store managers and franchisers.

HQ is just one of the ingredients Pilot has to offer when it comes to profit maximisation. Our intuitive Point of Sale system is designed to improve efficiency, minimise wastage and optimise performance across franchise and independent outlets.

For more information on how Pilot can assist you, download our free Modern Day Point of Sale Guide.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst