The Coronavirus pandemic requires restaurants to rethink their strategy. Recovering from lockdown will require you to lower restaurant expenses, but you can’t compromise your offering to customers, the product or service that you give them. Here are a few ways in which you can cut expenses in your restaurant.

  • Identify which costs are critical and which are less important. Take a look at your expenses and try to trim luxuries that you can do without for the moment. This might include things like unnecessary travel or expensive snacks.
  • Lower existing costs. Examine what you are currently paying and see if you can cut down on these expenses. For example, your bank charges for credit card processing or your internet package or insurance. Research alternative providers to see what they will charge you.
  • Government relief for businesses. The government announced that companies could claim up to R1 500 a month for every employee who earns less than R6 500 (for those younger than 30), and R500 for those 30 and older as part of the Employment Tax Incentive programme. There are the Unemployment Insurance Fund payments from the special Temporary Employee/Employer Relief Scheme that is for workers in distressed companies.
  • Tax payment deferral for small businesses. There is a government-led relief fund for small businesses and the SA Revenue Service has granted a four-month payment deferral for tax-compliant small businesses. Take a look at this Small Business Institute web page for more information.
  • Talk to your landlord about a possible rental payments relief. There is currently no official announcement of a rental holiday but perhaps you can negotiate terms in the interim.
  • Take your business online. Mobile and online ordering, restaurant apps and mobile payments are all excellent innovations for attracting patrons and boosting their satisfaction levels. There are a number of food delivery apps to choose from, including UberEATS and Mr D Food. And since these delivery services are contactless your customers can rest assured that their safety will be maintained.

Improve your operations with Point of Sale

Restaurants are going to need all the help they can get to overcome the difficulties of the current business landscape. That’s where Pilot Point of Sale comes in. Here are a few of the ways in which we bring efficiency to restaurants.

  • Pilot handheld devices will free your restaurant staff from the difficulties of communicating between customers and the kitchen. This will allow them to send orders digitally to the kitchen while spending more time with your customers. So you will achieve customer service excellence and operational efficiency.
  • Servers can make use of features to improve sales. Suggestive selling features prompt waiting staff with meal suggestions to upsell to customers. Restaurant staff can make use of detailed, up-to-date menu information while using handheld devices and provide a better service.
  • Customers can make hassle-free and secure payments right at the dining table. This means that customer credit/debit cards never have to leave the table and don’t have to leave the patrons’ sight. Modern Point of Sale systems also have built-in security features that minimise the risk of credit card fraud.
  • QRHub makes payments easier than ever for customers. It allows mobile payments by using a QR code. Patrons can use their preferred digital payment method by scanning one QR with their phone’s camera.
  • These smart handheld devices can track your employees. This will enable you to monitor the best-performing servers and can make informed decisions when it comes to scheduling staff hours. They can even reduce your administrative hours when compiling the schedule and payroll.
  • The PilotLive app gives you the added convenience of mobile reporting right on your smartphone or tablet. Access PilotLive analytics anywhere and at any time for a full overview of your establishment.
  • Mobile and online ordering, restaurant apps and mobile payments are all excellent innovations for attracting patrons and boosting their satisfaction levels.

Pilot Point of Sale improves restaurant efficiency from back to front of house allowing you to boost staff efficiency and reduce labour costs. Download the definitive 21st-century restaurant playbook to find out more about using technology to your advantage.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst