There are numerous PoS systems out there. Traditional tills, self-service kiosks, cloud-based, mobile, countertop – you name them and they’re there. They also come in a range of options that seem to grow by the day, which is exciting and overwhelming. Being in the market for equipment for your restaurant, especially point of sale systems, is not too different from the dating game. As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but they never tell you how to catch the right one.

Finding a PoS system is like finding a soulmate for your restaurant. It’s not a fast or easy process but it’s worth it in the end. The perfect match will complete your restaurant and make it a better version of itself. I’ve found that the following tips are the most reliable way of finding a PoS system worth going steady with. Here’s hoping they work for you too.

Commit to a budget

Your budget is the biggest constraint when you’re seeking a PoS system for your restaurant, so it’s important to start here. By settling on a budget, you narrow your search to a more manageable range. Keep in mind that the most expensive PoS system isn’t necessarily the best one for your restaurant. It’s not important to have an exact figure as long as you have an estimate of how much your restaurant can spend. This should include considerations for maintenance cost, training and software subscriptions. Once you’ve decided how much you’re willing to give, you can focus on what you get in return.

Address your imperfections

Here’s where you have to be specific about why you need a PoS system. The truth is that every restaurant needs one, but what you want out of it is different from the next restaurant owner. So make a list of all the things the ideal PoS system should do for your restaurant. These are your pain points. Perhaps you find that inventory takes too long or you’re not getting enough insights into your restaurant operations. If you already have a PoS system, your pain points will be everything you need that it’s currently unable to do. Balance this list against your budget and narrow down your search to the candidates that tick the most boxes and are still within budget.

Find a smooth operator

All PoS systems can process transactions, but not many can help you manage your staff’s shifts. After you have compiled your list of PoS systems that can do everything you need, start looking for the ones that do more. These are your value-adds and they usually help you to keep your operations running smoothly. Employee productivity, payroll, integration with CRM and accounting systems, and streamlining front- and back-of-house operations are features you can expect on the latest PoS systems. These value-added features are the deciders that will help you choose a clear winner.

Swipe right on Pilot

Pilot point of sale is the perfect match for any restaurant that hopes to transform its efficiency, boost patron satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition. Our combination of reliable hardware, powerful software and value-added features are already helping thousands of restaurants across South Africa gain and keep control of their operations.

Regardless of size or financial capacity, you can get access to our comprehensive point of sale solutions through three accommodating financing models. You can buy our hardware, software and services with an upfront payment or rent them at a fixed price over 36 months.

We also offer third-party financing for restaurants that already use Pilot and are trying to open at a new location or are upgrading their PoS. Third-party finance is essentially a cash advance – we provide the funds to you immediately and you pay us back from a percentage of your future card transactions. What you choose to do with the funds is up to you.

Download our brochure for more information about all our point of sale hardware, software and services.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst