Mobile PoS (mPoS) is one of the recent tech innovations that has helped restaurants target tech-savvy consumers, reduce table turnover time, and boost efficiency. But this isn’t all they can do. If you’ve been waiting to give servers a raise but couldn’t figure out the financial logistics, there is another solution. It turns out these sleek little handheld devices can also increase the tips your servers get.

From changing the way customers interact with the tipping process to improving the customer experience, these are five ways our mobile PoS will improve tipping:

  • Suggested tipping
    Pilot can be programmed to include suggested tips, so customers don’t need to do the math themselves.
  • Server presence 
    A survey by Gartner-owned research organisation Software Advice found that 41% of patrons said the presence of their server would increase the tip amount. Servers need to stay close to the table to wait for the sale to be processed and be ready to assist patrons if they need help, so the presence of the server alone will drive tipping.
  • Upselling opportunities
    When servers use tablets to place an order, they are prompted with upsell opportunities while tableside. This results in higher ticket amounts that yield larger tips. Your PoS tracks these upsells, and the data can be used to implement staff sales incentives and competitions.
  • Faster table turnover
    Pilot Mobile PoS adds efficiency to the ordering process. Servers can quickly and easily input orders and don’t need to return to a workstation. Checkout is also faster as payments can be processed at the table, using mobile payment like Zapper and SnapScan, or integrated payments like YOCO. This results in servers being able to tend to more tables and do so faster, ultimately making more sales.
  • Improved customer experience
    Customers will also tip better because of the closer interaction between them and servers. Mobile PoS streamlines the entire dining out process for guests; there is increased order accuracy, servers spend more time tending to the tables, and the payment process is swift. As a result, patrons tip more because of the good customer experience they’ve received.

Pilot uses iPad mini devices and our mobile PoS solutions seamlessly integrate the same functionality as our PoS system. With a user-friendly interface, our mobile PoS devices give servers mobility while collecting valuable information about how servers move through the establishment. If you’re using Pilot’s point of sale, data is available to you in easy to understand PilotLive data analytics reports and you are empowered to make strategic decisions about your restaurant.