Restaurant proprietors have been hit hard by the coronavirus regulations, especially the successive prohibitions on alcohol. One of the glimmers of hope in the industry has been the rapid adoption of food delivery technology but apps, including UberEats and Mr D Food, can take up to 30% in commissions. Mr Yum is undoubtedly a more affordable option because its fee starts at 4.9% on dine-in and pickup orders and 10% on delivery orders. So how is this food ordering platform different from the others and is it the answer to the prayers of local restaurant owners?  

What is Mr Yum? 

Mr Yum is a web-based mobile menu, ordering and payment platform used by leading hospitality and entertainment venues for dine-in, pick-up and delivery. 

Mr Yum’s visual menus and mobile ordering allow staff to create meaningful experiences for guests and deliver great hospitality, which results in increases in average order size by 20%-40%. 

Restaurants also own their customer data and relationship, which is a powerful value-add. 

For delivery, Mr Yum has partnered with Quench, South Africa’s first super app. Restaurants get access to the Quench driver network and launch within the app in a few weeks’ time – gaining access to Quench’s 75 000 customers.

Benefits for customers

  • This food ordering platform can be used to order from the table in the restaurant as it’s safer to use digital menus than physical menus. But Mr Yum can also help patrons who want to pick up their food or have it delivered to their homes. 
  • This method of ordering food is more direct since there’s no app to download. There are also no sign-ups or obligations for customers. Orders are paid for immediately, which also means that the social contact time is reduced.

Benefits for restaurants

  • For restaurants, there are no sign-up costs, lock-in contracts or fixed costs – just a transaction fee of 4.9% on dine-in and pickup orders and 10% on delivery orders.
  • The platform provides visual menus with language translations and dietary filtering for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. 
  • Mr Yum aso offers volume and group discounts. Its fee includes all payment gateway fees, free Point of Sale integrations, staff training and unlimited customer support. 

Reception in South Africa 

If you’re wondering how this food ordering platform is being received locally, it’s already a hit with restaurant owners. Ray Endean from Latitude Café says: “We find our team is spending way less time on admin tasks like taking orders, punching them into the Point of Sale, manually processing payments or splitting bills. Instead, we have more time to do what we love most, being hospitable and having more meaningful interactions with customers.”

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Author : Rudi Badenhorst