In the modern marketplace, leveraging every advantage at your disposal is the difference between success and stagnation. This blog looks at handheld Point of Sale software solutions and how they aid technology-centric businesses to stay ahead of the pack. Let’s take a look at how Pilot’s handheld Point of Sale software brings efficiency to its customers in the restaurant industry.

Pilot Software: A leader in Point of Sale software innovation

Pilot’s Point of Sale software solutions include handheld devices that free your restaurant staff from traditional hurdles, allowing them to achieve customer service excellence and operational efficiency. We’ve been at the forefront of bringing Point of Sale software innovation to the hospitality industry for over 25 years, and take pride in our role in helping our clients take their businesses to the next level.

Hassle-free and secure payments: Handheld Point of Sale software devices give customers convenient payment options that suit their individual needs. Payments take place right at the dining table, which means credit and debit cards never leave the customer’s sight. Modern Point of Sale software solutions include improved built-in security features, thus minimising the potential of fraud. Mobile payments can be made by scanning a QR code from the same device.

Orders on the fly: Waiting staff are able to send orders directly to the kitchen and receive feedback on product availability. Patrons are often left waiting for meals long after finishing their drinks and appetisers, causing a backlog of orders that ends up frustrating patrons and restaurant staff alike. In addition, when pen and paper orders go missing or confusion exists around the sequence of orders placed, getting your back and front of house to regain their synchronicity is near impossible. Mobile Point of Sale software solutions eliminate the confusion and the guesswork by allowing staff to easily track orders according to priority and sequence.

Improved selling: Use suggestive selling features that prompt waiting staff with meal options that may be exactly what the customer has in mind. Patrons sometimes struggle with indecision; help them make the right choice with suggestive selling. Servers can also use handheld Point of Sale software solutions to access and provide detailed menu information to customers – and change orders on the fly.

Payments and Ratings with QRHub

QRHub allows mobile payments using a QR code. Patrons can use their preferred digital payment method by scanning one QR with their phone’s camera. QRHub supports Snapscan, Zapper, MasterPass, Tabbs and Vodapay. QRHub also offers rating functionality – you can get customer insights, ideas, complaints and compliments instantly without a third-party ratings agency. Find out more about QRHub.

Smart devices make for smart customer service

The smarter your staff functions, the better for your customers. Easy adoption of handheld technology in the restaurant industry is a game changer. Handheld device analytics allows managers to track best-performing staff and identify employees for re-shuffle or promotion. Evaluate the data in your system to better schedule staffing hours and reduce payroll expenses. Pilot’s handheld solutions improve restaurant efficiency from back to front of house, allowing owners and managers to boost staff performance and reduce labour costs. For a free demo, please call us or visit the Pilot website.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst