It’s a weird time to be talking about growth. Restaurants across the country are still recovering from the hard lockdowns of the past two years, while some didn’t make it. However, if you’re not thinking about growth at all, it’s time you started because your competition certainly is. The race to boost foot traffic and reclaim loyal patrons is already happening and restaurants will need every advantage they can get. 

Luckily for you, you’re already looking at yours.

Pilot Point of Sale is a feature-rich suite that optimises your entire restaurant and just so happens to facilitate payments. It gives you the competitive edge to connect with patrons and maximise their dining experiences. Here’s how it can make growth a reality again for your establishment.

Run a tighter ship

Inefficiencies are one of the biggest reasons why restaurants lose patrons. A lack of oversight of your establishment means you don’t know where the bottlenecks are until it’s too late. Inefficient operations slowly erode the quality of your service, which turns patrons off – the opposite of growth. Pilot Point of Sale connects your front and back of house in a way that ensures that the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing. Orders placed at the table using SmartPoS devices are automatically reflected at digital displays in the kitchen. Ingredient totals are updated as food is prepared, so you’re always on top of your inventory. Nothing goes untracked and your whole establishment is streamlined.

Table or kerbside ordering and payments made easy

SmartPoS is Pilot’s newest way of optimising how waiters take orders and payments. It’s a handheld device with a 5.5-inch touchscreen that lets waiters process orders without the need to write them down on paper. Your menu is available directly on the SmartPoS device and every order entered is posted in Pilot PoS, so staff don’t have to queue at the till. It’s perfect for restaurants thinking about introducing kerbside ordering to increase foot traffic and it lowers your total cost of ownership compared with traditional restaurant PoS systems. 

Reward your patrons

Everyone loves freebies and starting a rewards programme is an easy and effective way to boost customer loyalty and attract new patrons. With PilotMiles, you can offer your patrons earn and burn points, discounts, vouchers and digital gift cards. It’s completely customisable, so you can dream up your own rewards systems and make it happen with PilotMiles. It starts at only R150 a month (excluding VAT) with pricing that can be tailored to your restaurant’s unique requirements. Once set up, your rewards programme runs on its own with very little monitoring required from you. Just sit back and reap the rewards – so to speak.

Accept any type of digital payment

Digital payment options are currently a dime a dozen on the gambling market and players can encounter as they prefer. The smarter thing to do if you already have digital money and want to have fun is to invest in a platform that allows you to accept all of them. With SlotoGate you can choose the payment gateway you prefer, for example if you like to play casinos accept bitcoin then you shold know that the transaction will be completed in seconds. It also allows for customer to play without needing a third-party rating agency, and allows direct emailing of the bill. Digital money are convenient and, most importantly, secure – a win for you and your needs.

Endless integrations

The crowning jewel in Pilot Point of Sale’s features is its expansive integrations. It opens your restaurant to a broader pool of potential customers from online ordering, loyalty programmes, review services, bookings and mobile payments. From UberEats to Mr Yum and Mpesa, Pilot Point of Sale does it all. You can view our complete list of integrations on our website. 

Are you ready to start growing again? Download our brochure below and get fully acquainted with Pilot Point of Sale.