For most people, the long Easter weekend conjures up images of Easter egg hunts, hot cross buns and Holy Communion – almost exactly in that order. However, the Easter weekend means something completely different for restaurant owners. It’s four of the busiest consecutive days your restaurant will have all year and you can expect a steady flow of hungry families expecting to be seated and fed.

This means you’ll need a helping hand to cope with the influx of Easter patrons – and nothing comes to a restaurant’s rescue like a full-suite PoS system. So avoid the Easter rush headache this year and put your faith in an innovation that’s designed to make order out of chaos.

Real-time reporting

If you have to be away from your restaurant during the busy weekend, it can still feel like you’re on the floor when you have a capable PoS system. Pilot Point of Sale has a genius cloud-based analytics and reporting tool in the form of PilotLive. It’s especially valuable for restaurant owners who have to oversee multiple outlets. It feeds you real-time metrics about transactions, inventory and productivity. PilotLive keeps you in control without being on site, which can make all the difference during peak times like Easter.

Airtight security

So many things can fall through the cracks when your restaurant is operating at turbo speed to keep up with the throngs of patrons. But if there’s one thing you can’t afford to let slip, it’s security. An advanced PoS system like Pilot Point of Sale guarantees security for you and your patrons. Card data from transactions are processed through several layers of encryption using the latest PCI-compliant payment security technology. Your front- and back-of-house control panels can only be accessed through biometric fingerprint scanning. Our system’s airtight security controls are designed to give you one less thing to worry about when business is booming.

Integrated loyalty programmes

Easter is the perfect time to reward your loyal customers or kick off a loyalty campaign to rope in some new ones. The problem is that most loyalty programmes run on third-party platforms that can be a nightmare to keep track of and manage. Pilot Point of Sale simplifies this by integrating loyalty programmes into the PoS system. Processing a loyalty transaction is just as intuitive as any other transaction and the system updates points and rewards automatically. After all, the most successful loyalty programmes are the simplest ones.

Choose Pilot Point of Sale

Let Pilot Point of Sale be your co-pilot this Easter and help you breeze through a smooth, worry-free and revenue-maximising weekend. In addition to all the benefits above, you can also use iPad minis for mobile Point of Sale and lower cost of ownership; manage staff and payroll seamlessly with Sage Pastel and VIP integration; and enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive maintenance cover and insurance. Download our guide, Why Choose Pilot for more convincing reasons.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst