We live in an increasingly fast-paced world, as you well know. People are less tolerant about being kept waiting, and restaurants are no exception. People don’t always want “fast food” per se – a leisurely dining experience will always be popular, but so will quick and efficient service. The way to meet and even exceed your customers’ expectations is by embracing newer mobile point of sale technology.

Faster connections make payments quicker

One scenario that is sure to be familiar is the end-of-evening payment rush. After the last customers finish their desserts and coffees, they’re ready to pay – all of them, at the same time. It’s late and they’re ready to go home, but there are only two card machines. So the server has to make multiple trips to each table to bring them the bill and then bring the speed point, waiting on a painfully slow connection to complete each payment. Impatience grows as the minutes tick by.

Legacy technology and clunky old payment systems are the reason we’ve all had to endure such experiences, whether as a server or as a customer. But they’re becoming a thing of the past now thanks to smarter and faster technology. You don’t want to still be inflicting these experiences on your patrons after all your competitors have moved on to a better way of doing business.

SmartPoS Mobile from Pilot offers fast, constant connectivity with the ability to connect to the in-store Wi-Fi or via dual-SIM, ensuring that your customers won’t be kept waiting. With one device, servers can print an itemised bill (with your logo included) and accept any form of payment, from chip and PIN to tap and go, Zapper to SnapScan.

Fewer mistakes and more efficient service

Now picture a different scenario, something that plays out in establishments of all sizes: a server takes an order and on their way to enter it into the system they pass a table with a pressing request. The server is distracted and forgets to place the order or they’ve forgotten some of it by the time they do and enter it incorrectly. Mistakes like these resulting from inefficiency not only cost servers their tips, they can spoil a dining experience and damage the reputations of good restaurants, costing them business.

Servers are human and they make mistakes, but you can minimise errors with SmartPoS Mobile. That’s because, with the SmartPoS devices, servers take orders at the table and send them directly and instantaneously to the kitchen. In addition to improving accuracy, it reduces their stress and makes your staff more effective. When they’re more relaxed and have more time to engage with customers, there’s a greater chance of them being able to upsell.

The real returns of Pilot SmartPoS Mobile

Boosting efficiency means increasing table turns, which is more revenue earned in the same amount of time and more money in your pocket. Diners also have an overall better experience and will be more likely to tip, recommend your establishment and come back for more. Learn more about what Pilot SmartPoS can do and how it can benefit your business here.