Running a new restaurant can be overwhelming, even for a trained professional. And getting a little help from technology does not mean you’re incapable of handling the job yourself, you’re simply using sophisticated PoS software to boost the efficiency of your restaurant. Here’s how you can achieve this:

Integrate electronic systems

Our point-of- sale system has the capability to integrate with existing accounting platforms. This means all transactions are reconciled with your accounting and Pilot’s own inventory management system, doing away with the manual updating and capturing of information. Pilot point of sale software seamlessly integrates with Sage to deliver quality services across platforms to eliminate duplication. Regarding inventory management, the system will track the movement of raw materials throughout the restaurant. It will also analyse data on food sales and wastage, which will help you optimise your stock intake and reduce costs.

Improve the customer experience

With the aid of a point-of- sale system, your waiters can serve patrons promptly on the sales floor and at the terminal. Once orders are placed, they are transmitted to the kitchen, allowing kitchen staff to get to work immediately. Quick service in a restaurant is a sure-fire way to get patrons coming back for more. You can take it a step further and make your restaurant more tech-savvy by integrating your point-of- sale software with online ordering. Take a look at the benefits. We also offer our clients the opportunity to plug in a table booking from Facebook to cater for reservations without tying up your phone line. Realistically, you can use any point-of- sale software, but the ideal provider should focus on enhancing both your and your customer’s restaurant experience.

Accurate payment processing

A major concern for any restaurant owner is to get the bill right. Simple mistakes will cost you money like handwritten tickets or relying on memory. A point-of- sale system will eliminate order errors because information is captured on handheld devices using mobile point of sale. Checkout will also be faster as your customers can use mobile payments systems such as Zapper, SnapScan or integrated payments like YOCO. If you can use technology to increase your order accuracy and handle customer influx with ease, then you would be foolish not to take full advantage of it.

A restaurant without point of sale

Many restaurant owners may see the need for a point-of- sale system, but will still rely on manual paper processing and Excel software to help them run their businesses. Running your restaurant like this will not help your business grow. A restaurant that doesn’t have point of sale will rely on its client-serving staff to inform it about client preferences. As we’ve noted in a previous blog, when staff leave, they will take that valuable information with them. A point-of-sale system will ensure that you will never be left high and dry. Our software provides clients with cloud-based access to transactional data and meaningful reports and metrics. Investing in a point-of- sale system is well worth it. Our software offers your restaurant a wide range of benefits to improve your customer service, increase your restaurant’s efficiency and ultimately increase sales. None of these can be achieved with a simple cash register.