Humans have found a way to exchange currency for the goods or services they wanted to acquire from others from the first days of trade thousands of years ago. Fast forward to the 21st century and we’ve made paying for goods more convenient than ever using technology like Pilot Point of Sale and QRHub.

A cashless SA?

A recent Twitter poll found that 45% of South Africans are considering going cashless. The results of the poll showed that 35% of respondents could see themselves exclusively transacting digitally while another 10% said they might be able to envision this. The poll was conducted by a local bank as part of an initiative to highlight the cost and inconvenience of using cash. Commenters on Twitter noted that not carrying cash on your person is also safer.

It’s never been easier

Technology has made going cashless a breeze. More South Africans own smartphones, have access to the internet and can make use of apps. Businesses use this technology to make the consumer experience as seamless as possible. And the restaurant industry is no exception. In fact, it’s a good example of how these innovations are making the dining experience even more convenient to please their customers and beat off their competition.

Our cashless handheld solutions

Pilot’s Point of Sale software solutions include handheld devices that free restaurant staff from traditional hurdles, allowing them to achieve customer service excellence and operational efficiency. Customers enjoy convenient payment options that suit their individual needs. Payments take place right at the dining table, which means that credit and debit cards never leave the customer’s sight. For more than 25 years, Pilot Point of Sale helped restaurant owners deal efficiently with customer card payments, now we are constantly updating features.

QRHub for mobile payments

QRHub allows mobile payments by using a QR code. Patrons can use their preferred digital payment method by scanning one QR with their phone’s camera. QRHub supports Snapscan, Zapper, MasterPass, Tabbs and Vodapay. QRHub can also give you rating and billing functionality on this platform. In fact, you can get customer insights, ideas, complaints and compliments instantly without a third-party ratings agency. Find out more about QRHub.

Pilot handheld solutions improve restaurant efficiency from back to front of house and QRHub makes cashless payments easy. Pilot’s software is a game changer in the competitive restaurant industry. We are becoming a cashless society and with technology changing rapidly, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest developments to ensure you are getting the most from your Point of Sale solution.

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Author : Rudi Badenhorst