It’s human nature to make up our minds about something in a minute. And in today’s fast-paced and competitive consumer space, making the right impression means ensuring that your brand identity is on point. Here are some of our top tips for restaurants seeking to make an impact on customers.

It’s about the experience

There are many ways to grow your brand identity. The most important is to excel in the areas where your strengths lie and remain consistent in your offerings and concept. Once customers identify with your brand identity, they will become loyal patrons. It takes the right combination of product, service, functionality, value for money and brand image to ensure an unforgettable establishment. Make sure customers have a positive experience when walking through the doors of a restaurant through to a pleasant welcome and efficient and enjoyable service.

What’s on the menu?

The menu shouldn’t be neglected, after all, that’s the reason your customers are visiting in the first place. The manner in which your offering is presented will make a major impression. Firstly, make sure your menu has a clean design. Reading it should be easy and enjoyable. A menu with a professional layout that’s easy to read with a clear font in a large size and identifiable pricing will go far in making the right impression.

Get your website right

There’s a popular saying that if your business isn’t on the web it doesn’t exist. Tech-savvy millennials, in particular, are likely to check out your website before even coming near your restaurant. Fancy gimmicks like music or graphics are not necessary and might even be distracting, just make sure that you have an easily accessible menu, some pictures that show your restaurant’s interior to offer a sense of the appealing atmosphere and, of course, your address and contact details.

Get technology on your side

You might not have considered the ways in which technology can help you with your brand identity. Consider the modern PoS system and you’ll be amazed at how far it has advanced since its early days. From static, one-dimensional cash registers, PoS solutions are now central data repositories that offer restaurant owners golden nuggets of marketing information. Customer information can be used to promote specials, create loyalty programmes and reach your market with relevant information and marketing material. The modern PoS system also speeds up back and front operations, resulting in an elevated customer experience.

Building brand identity

Brand identity is affected by the things you do, and the things you don’t. The perception that your restaurant is stuck in a forgotten age can seriously harm your brand identity. Actively looking at how you can create conveniences for your patrons will pay dividends in the end. Use technology to enhance the customer experience and don’t be afraid to try new things. Businesses must evolve with time and their markets organically or face being left behind.

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Author: Rudi Badenhorst