If the word, automation, makes you think that robots are taking over the world, then you might want to take a deep breath. In the restaurant business, automation is helping to make operations faster and more accurate. In these challenging times, restaurant owners need to provide a better experience with fewer resources – and that’s where automation comes in. 

Just as in other industries, the restaurant industry is successfully using technology to help us run our businesses better. The Point of Sale device that was previously used to only accept waiter orders has become a powerhouse of information – it tracks everything from customer databases to financials, which makes it a valuable tool to optimise restaurant operations. 

Point of Sale software can help you to:

  • Give patrons the best experience with the latest technology. Staying on top of the many trends in the highly competitive hospitality industry is a must if you want to ensure your survival. Implementing state-of-the-art technology is the best way to ensure that your new restaurant is future-proof. PoS software that integrates with a mobile, tableside ordering and payment solution not only ensures a quicker, more efficient method of payment but also gives you a competitive edge by meeting your customers on the platform they’re most active on. At Pilot, we are always updating our technology and now offer innovations including QRHub, mobile PoS and SmartPoS.
  • Streamline your processes including everything from capturing reservations to optimising your customer service, executing orders and processing payments. PoS software makes for a more efficiently run establishment. Intuitive PoS software allows you to manage reservations at the touch of a button. You also have a broad overview of the entire establishment so you can ensure that your waiting staff are distributed optimally to better manage tables. The automation of the ordering process from the moment an order is placed, through to back-of-house staff on digital displays and its final destination at the table, ensures that every meal is executed with precision.
  • Increase the accuracy of orders by leveraging mobile technology to simplify the ordering process, taking the pressure off waiting staff and elevating the dining experience of patrons. A mobile device linked to the central PoS station, and to back-of-house operations, increases the accuracy and speed of the ordering process from capture to the delivery of orders. It also reduces the time it takes to write down orders manually and the deciphering of bad handwriting that can lead to incorrect orders. With mobile PoS, waiters have more control over their sections, can turn tables faster and proactively manage the entire floor. Users can even order themselves from your digital menu or app, directly into the PoS.
  • Collect meaningful data to help you grow your business. PoS software that captures and correlates data that flows through your establishment gives you the power to leverage meaningful reports, helping to improve your offering and accurately forecast operationally and financially. This data can also help you to determine areas of your restaurant that require attention and help to shape your marketing campaigns.
  • Stay on top of the details with the PilotLive app.  With this mobile reporting tool, you have the ability to track every aspect of your establishment. You have the power to remotely manage aspects such as stock control, staff productivity, waste reduction and finances. A broad overview of all processes and transactions in your new restaurant can also help with improving service delivery, monitoring operational costs, controlling the quality of products and services, and most importantly, the customer experience.

Pilot Point of Sale is your one-stop solution to ensure that your new restaurant has a competitive advantage starting from day one. Our intuitive software and smart, robust hardware combine to give you the power to manage every aspect of your restaurant. 

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Author : Rudi Badenhorst