You’ve probably heard that 90% of new restaurants fail in the first year. While that statistic has been proved to be false, the real figure isn’t less scary. A study by Ohio State University revealed that 60% of restaurants fail in the first year.

There are countless reasons why restaurants might fail but instead of listing them, I’ll suggest one more – a reluctance to innovate. The restaurant business can be quite traditional and sometimes this prevents restaurateurs from experimenting with new technologies and business strategies.

There’s no reason why more restaurant owners haven’t tested mobile PoS in their establishments. But if you’re one of them, and you need a little confidence, read on.

Reduce start-up costs

Integrated mobile Point of Sale (PoS) involves a much lower capital investment than traditional Point of Sale, as most static stations are replaced with iPads. As the menu/PoS look and feel is identical to fixed PoS, there is no training downtime. As iPads have no moving parts and are provided with rugged covers, maintenance costs are reduced.

Increase data security

All data produced by Pilot’s fixed and mobile PoS systems are securely stored in the cloud, both via a daily backup, as well as data trickles for live reporting. Non-cloud storage could mean if your PoS system is compromised, data can be impossible to retrieve. With cloud storage, backups of your data is stored on redundant cloud servers, so disaster recovery is always possible.

Speed up service

Pilot mobile Point of Sale has the advantage of being visual and interactive in a way in which pen and paper can’t be. Waiters can offer on-the-spot upsells and the system is designed to include suggested tipping. Waiters also input orders tableside, without having to return to the workstation or front-of-house console. Faster service with fewer errors means higher table turnover, which translates to more patrons through your door and higher revenue.

Offer various payment options

It’s tricky to keep up with all the new ways to pay. Traditional PoS units were designed to support cash or card only. Pilot mobile PoS software allows you to accept mobile payments, vouchers and loyalty payments, in addition to cash and card. Our system integrates with popular mobile wallet services such as Snapscan, MasterPass and Zapper, as part of a wider range of payment options you can offer your patrons.

Integrated mobile PoS is the innovation that can transform the way your restaurant operates. For more information about Point of Sale and its unique value to restaurants, download our infographic on The Point of Point of Sale below.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst