Two things have led to the massive boom of food delivery services. The most obvious is the global pandemic that forced consumers to stay at home and restaurants to limit their capacity. The coronavirus crisis is hopefully not here to stay but food delivery will only continue to grow.

Why? Because of the second reason why it’s rising in the first place: the on-demand economy. People want all kinds of experiences (including culinary ones) to come to them whenever they want and this is a consumer trend that will last long after Covid-19.

Enter Mr Yum and Quench, two new players capitalising on this trend and shaking up the food delivery industry in South Africa. Allow us to introduce you.

Quench every craving

Quench is an online shopping marketplace that offers same-day delivery of groceries, medication, alcohol and food. How it works is pretty simple – users add their addresses, choose the products they want, select a payment method and place their order. Quench has partnered with Woolworths, Dis-Chem, various liquor vendors and grocery stores to provide its customers with a broad range of products to choose from.

Once an order is placed, a driver is assigned to pick it up and deliver it to the customer at the scheduled time. It’s a truly frictionless process that leaves customers spoilt for choice and empowers vendors to keep business booming and tap into the lucrative on-demand economy.

Meet Mr Yum

Mr Yum is a powerful mobile ordering platform with options for dining in, collection and delivery services. Unlike most other mobile ordering services, Mr Yum doesn’t have an app and is entirely web-based. It boasts an aesthetically driven visual menu that showcases morish dishes from various restaurants and pubs in the user’s vicinity. Its crowning feature is its dine-in functionality which lets patrons order and pay for their meals contactlessly – a significant differentiator during the pandemic.

Ok, so just like Uber Eats?

While Quench and Mr Yum can be compared to other food delivery services on the market like Uber Eats and Mr D Food, they have one hard-to-ignore advantage: they carry much lower costs. Uber Eats and Mr D Food can take up to 30% per order in commissions, whereas Mr Yum and Quench only charge up to 10% per order. There are also no setup costs or monthly fees for establishments and customers enjoy a R35 flat fee for delivery.

By partnering with Quench, Mr Yum has direct integration into Quench’s fulfilment network, which serves more than 75 000 customers nationwide. Through this partnership, customers have access to popular restaurants in shopping centres such as Rosebank Mall, Nicolway, Mall of Africa, Stellenbosch Village and areas as widespread as Ballito, Hermanus and Boksburg North.

Restaurants can apply to be part of Mr Yum and Quench’s network and be listed in a week. It’s a game changer for restaurant owners and customers alike and it might be the thing that changes your establishment’s fortune.

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