Restaurant management consists of far more than simply ensuring that each order is successfully executed from start to finish. It’s the financial management behind the buying of stock, correlating of payments and the employees’ payroll, which really keeps the proverbial ship afloat.

It’s a well-known fact that most businesses fail due to poor financial management. And keeping track of the figures becomes a mammoth task when it comes to running more than one establishment.

We have integrated with accounting software giant Sage Pastel to ensure that all our clients get the most out of our intuitive Point of Sale (PoS) solution. This completes the hospitality management package, which offers restaurant owners financial peace of mind.

An all-in-one solution for financial management

Our collaboration with Sage Pastel gives you the powerful combination of an intuitive PoS system interfaced with accounting software to increase the overall efficiency of any establishment. This integration gives you a complete view of every financial aspect of the establishment for more effective management of staff, resources and suppliers. All restaurant financial data is accurately and reliably stored and safeguarded through our integration with the IronTree cloud backup platform.

Optimise restaurant financial management

There’s no reason to still use a manual and archaic record-keeping system if you’re already using a forward-looking PoS in your establishment. While Pilot PoS accurately captures and stores all transactional data, you still need to balance the books to not only ensure compliance but also pay your staff and compile financial statements. Sage Pastel accounting produces accurate statements that reflect the profits and losses in a business giving restaurant owners complete peace of mind that their financial matters are in order. Furthermore, legal compliance is also taken care of with specialist accounting software.

Get ultimate control over payroll management

Our PoS integration with fingerprint scanners accurately captures staff check-in times and tracks any overtime worked. This feature comprehensively determines what is owed to whom. Sage Payroll takes care of these aspects through the management and administration of payroll. This ensures that every employee is provided with the required documentation as proof of employment and the establishment’s compliance with tax regulations is always taken care of.

Multi-pronged solution to restaurant management

As experts in our respective fields, our partnership with Sage Pastel software offers a comprehensive business solution for the restaurant and financial management of any establishment no matter the size or number of stores.

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Our PoS system helps to eliminate revenue leakage by streamlining the financial management process into Sage Pastel’s accounting software, to ensure that all financial statements are accurate. To find out more about why you should partner with Pilot, download our brochure.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst