Computer hardware life cycles seem to shorten with every passing year. IT managers are challenged to strike a balance between managing often restrictive budgets and provisioning optimised hardware and software services to the organisation. Restaurant owners face the same challenge with their technological investments and must ensure that their Point of Sale hardware meets the demands placed on it by the business without breaking the bank.

In addition, decision time can be more difficult with the myriad of offerings from vendors that can make the choice to invest in Point of Sale hardware more daunting. This blog looks at the importance of making the right hardware investment that pays dividends in the long and short term and takes a closer look at Pilot’s offering as a complete Point of Sale solution.

Hardware and software that works in harmony

We choose our partners carefully. Our software is complemented with the best breed of hardware solutions that are tailored to provide restaurants with a Point of Sale business tool that is fast, robust and able to provide continuity, thanks to built-in redundancy. With low footprint hardware for front and back of house, complemented by the Microsoft Windows operating system, Pilot PoS provides its customers with a Point of Sale hardware solution. In addition, iPad waiter-handheld devices reduce overall cost and improve operating efficiency.

Back-end server with robust redundancy

A back-end server powered by Microsoft SQL Server means that your business data is secure and accessible. Our servers are built with RAID 1 redundancy, so you are safe in the knowledge that business continues in the event of a hard drive failure. Pilot also partners with data back-up specialists, IronTree, who provide secure online backups to restaurant owners. This means that your data is backed up in an off-site location and retrievable at any time in the event of a serious hardware failure, damage, loss or theft. Our solutions are built to cater for almost any event that might cause any disruption in business continuity.

Support when and where you need it

Pilot’s complete maintenance cover options take care of your support and maintenance needs at a fixed monthly rate. Our expert technical staff are available around the clock to provide you with emergency support services and auxiliary services such as system upgrades, hardware audits, on-site assistance, loan equipment and anti-virus checks.

Point of Sale systems are often targeted by hackers and scammers due to the nature of the information that resides on them. So security is of paramount importance. We keep our systems secure with ESET anti-virus solutions and built-in security mechanisms. This is extended to biometric access for staff. Biometric security provides access based on roles within the restaurant and is determined by the restaurant owner or management.

Pilot gives you a 360-degree solution

We understand the importance of a Point of Sale hardware solution that works for you. Our focus on – and knowledge of – the hospitality industry means that our products are designed to empower your establishment be it a single restaurant, franchise, cafe or bistro.

We’re much more than just a vendor: Pilot partners with its customers to bring them a holistic business tool that empowers them to run their business with superior efficiency. Find out more about why you should choose Pilot.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst