Gaining traction in the hospitality industry can be tough, especially if you’re an independent restaurateur facing the franchise Goliaths. There are many reasons to be discouraged by the massive network of support, financial backing and established branding, but this is no reason to throw in the serving towel. You have a secret weapon to help you match and even exceed the strength of the “giants”.

The power of Pilot’s comprehensive and intuitive Point of Sale system can give your eatery tomorrow’s technology today – putting you in contention with the rest.

Here’s how Pilot’s Point of Sale solution can help you gain the competitive edge to build your brand and take on the franchise giants:

Make yourself bigger

All franchises use a Point of Sale system so it might be quite intimidating and seem like it’s only accessible to the big guys. With Pilot, no matter how big or small your establishment, we have a solution to help you access a Point of Sale solution. We have a rental option to suit your budget and requirements, which gives you access to the same technology as franchises.

Keeping up with the Goliaths in terms of technology not only simplifies the management of your restaurant but also shows patrons that you are forward-thinking and moving with the times. Implementing mobile PoS devices can create a professional and lasting impression with patrons. It also helps to ensure accuracy and efficient delivery of every single order.

Technology can build your brand

You don’t have access to an entire department of marketing wizards to help you spread the word about your establishment – but you have technology at your disposal. Smart planning and a comprehensive overview of your eatery can help you improve your service delivery and build your brand.

As an independent, your best marketing strategy is to turn patrons into your very own brand ambassadors. Word of mouth and referrals – especially online reviews – are highly effective in the hospitality industry. Our Point of Sale solution can help streamline your service from reservations through to mobile payments. This creates a better all-round experience for your patrons.

Use Pilot to take on Goliath

Franchisees have the added advantage of large, centralised strategies and planning teams to help them forecast and manage processes. Pilot’s Point of Sale solution allows you to track all front- and back-of-house activities so you can effectively strategise and improve processes. Our PilotLive business analytics solution helps you to track all transactions, manage stock levels and generate valuable reports to help with financial forecasting and increase your ROI.

The updated PilotLive app lets you view every activity and conduct mobile reporting on the fly. Our partnerships with recognised specialists in other business sectors ensure that your restaurant data is secure, accounting is integrated into your PoS system and customer loyalty is taken care of. To find out more about how our comprehensive PoS system can help you as an independent, download our Modern Day Point of Sale.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst