When you open a restaurant, the obvious equipment and supplies may be taken care of, but there are a few items that will slip one’s mind. You can’t leave it for later. Think of something as simple as not having a liquor licence – on opening day, patrons could choose to go elsewhere because your restaurant doesn’t sell alcohol. The point is to make the service as seamless as possible, but if your waiters have to explain why the restaurant has no alcohol, you’re affecting the customer and they don’t appreciate it, especially if more than one item is out of stock.

When it comes to opening a restaurant, acquiring the necessary equipment is very important – and you don’t want to forget crucial items. You don’t want to find yourself without them when your grand opening rolls around. It makes your business look disorganised.

Overlooked staff amenities

Think about all the necessities that will keep your staff safe and comfortable such as employee-only parking, a secure place for them to keep their personal items during work and safety equipment like a first-aid kit. While we’re on the topic of safety, you will also need other safety supplies such as wet-floor signs, rubber mats and a fire extinguisher.

Overlooked guest amenities

It’s fairly easy to forget about restroom supplies, but it will be noticed quickly. You need to keep the restroom stocked with cleaning products and items, towels, toilet paper, soap, a mop and bucket. If you own a family-friendly restaurant, think about providing booster seats for children and different-coloured utensils. Finally, be sure to stock different-sized takeaway containers for patrons who might not finish their food.

Overlooked back-of-office supplies

Make sure your back of office is well-stocked. Just because customers can’t see this area, does not mean that it should be neglected. Ensure you have adequate shelving there – movable racks will come in handy for mobility when you are cleaning around them. Remember to stock cleaning supplies like detergent, waterproof dishwashing aprons, gloves and drying racks so your dish washers can do their jobs. Another easily missed item in the kitchen is adequate waste management solutions.

Overlooked software

When the business owner’s focus is on opening the restaurant, little attention is paid to software like Point of Sale (PoS). But this is like the nervous system of your business – it literally controls everything. A PoS system is fundamental to the success of the business. Not just any PoS system will help to launch your business’s potential. You need one that includes:

  • Employee scheduling software
  • The management of the front and back office
  • Payroll and accounting software
  • Mobile PoS
  • Meaningful reporting

Implementing the right PoS system is critical. You need to be strategic and choose PoS system that will drive the long-term success of your establishment. You also need a partner that is well-informed about its product and knows how to ensure that your business makes the most of your PoS software.

Pilot software is the supplier of choice for many of the country’s leading, independent franchise restaurant brands such as Ocean Basket, Rocomamas, Cape Town Fish Market, Simply Asia, Col’Cacchio and Cappuccinos and has helped them to achieve continued success.

The best advice we can give you is to pay attention to the less-visible items you’ll need to facilitate a smooth operation. The food and beverage business may be challenging, but the right combination of restaurant suppliers can make all the difference. Arm yourself with the right business partners to ensure your restaurant is on the right track from day one.

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Author : Rudi Badenhorst