If you’re considering biting the bullet and buying a restaurant PoS software system, it’s probably not a decision you take lightly. After all, the software that you choose will have an impact on your operations for years to come. Here are a few pointers to ensure that you’re investing in the best solution that will help your business thrive.

Will my restaurant PoS make operations more efficient?

Intuitive PoS software can allow you to manage reservations at the touch of a button and get a broad overview of your restaurant. Automating the ordering process means it is safely digitised, from the moment it’s placed with the waiter through to back-of-house staff using digital displays to manage it. You can take it through the kitchen all the way to its final destination at the table. It ensures that every meal is executed with precision. This technology not only increases the accuracy of orders but also helps restaurant owners to collect meaningful data they can use to grow their business.

What will the ROI be?

The best PoS solutions offer centralised tools that include individual and combined outlet analyses, reporting on inventory, staff performance management and a myriad of other functions. With access to real-time information and powerful reporting and analysis capabilities, restaurant managers are able to fine-tune operational expenses and stamp out redundant overheads. Our PoS system is constantly updated to ensure that your get the best restaurant experience available including QRHub, SmartPoS, the PilotLive app and our PilotMiles loyalty programme.

Will your PoS solution grow with you?

The restaurant industry requires flexibility and your initial restaurant might become a larger venture that has to cater to more customers or added additional locations. For example, your restaurant might not need a complex accounting software solution to manage it accurately when you start up but this is likely to change as you grow your business. Franchises require PoS solutions that are capable of exporting financial information to external software packages for accurate and compliant bookkeeping. Many PoS systems offer only entry-level accounting tools that fall short of the demands of large-scale franchises. Investing in a PoS solution that offers only superficial accounting functions can trip up even the smaller outlets as future growth might demand more powerful financial computing down the line.

Will you receive support?

PoS solutions typically require ongoing support from vendors coupled with staff training, necessary periodic updates and other auxiliary services. In many instances, these additional facilities may be excluded from the purchase price and only come to light in later discussions when the need for them arises, leaving you with very little negotiating power. Hidden overheads are common with less sophisticated vendors who offer poor after-sales service at a considerably high cost to the business. Most established PoS vendors will offer you a cover plan that will typically include 24/7 support, free training, upgrades and other auxiliary services at a fixed monthly cost. These cover plans are a great way to protect your franchise from the effects of downtime and considerably reduce your total cost of ownership over the long term.

No other PoS provider offers the same depth of functionality, third party loyalty, accounting, ordering and payment integration, and intuitive online and mobile reporting. Download our brochure for more information on why you should choose Pilot.