There is a stream of data that flows through a restaurant. Information on your consumers and their buying behaviour, information on your suppliers and your inventory, information on your sales, high-performing menu items, and the list goes on.

Previously, restaurant owners weren’t able to effectively collect and view this data, let alone understand and use it. However, since intuitive point of sale (PoS) solutions were introduced in the restaurant industry, restaurant owners have been able to leverage their valuable data to optimise and innovate their establishments.

PoS systems like our Pilot solutions collect data that runs through the establishment and then portrays it in easy-to-understand PilotLive reports. This, in turn, is used to improve your offering and customer experience, streamline operations, minimise wastage and losses and ultimately, drive sales.

What is PilotLive?

PilotLive is an advanced browser-based reporting tool that integrates with your point of sale and collects data in the background as your system performs its daily tasks. Every transaction, order, inventory adjustment and task gives the system information about inventory amounts, leakage, sales, turnover, purchasing patterns, employee movements and almost every other element of your restaurant.

This data management tool then correlates the data into easy-to-understand visual reports that include live sales, turnover charts, purchasing reports, stock valuations, actual vs theoretical use of products, main meal comparatives, discounts and voids, among others.

So how does that increase sales?

In the age of big data, one can’t afford to be indifferent to the benefits of data analysis. Restaurant owners gain valuable insights into their patrons and their eatery and this enables them to give their establishments the edge.

  • Optimise your menu
    Restaurant owners have an amazing opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on how patrons interact with the menu. What are the most popular menu items? Which dishes do certain customers prefer? Knowing this will help you create a menu optimised for sales based on historical performance, and this will help you find a way to appeal to the right customer.
  • Create customised loyalty programmes
    Structured loyalty programmes give you more information about the purchasing patterns of patrons, allowing you to anticipate repeat purchases or attract non-returning customers with an offer strategically designed to appeal to their tastes. This will encourage guests to visit your establishment more frequently while also giving you the information you need to create customised specials.
  • Improve the customised experience
    A good customer experience goes a long way. If patrons have a positive customer experience, they are more inclined to provide word-of-mouth marketing, even though this may be through Facebook statuses or tweets. Data analysis allows you to create an exceptional experience based on what regular patrons enjoy.

Operational reporting places power in the hands of restaurant owners to improve their establishments in ways they didn’t know could be leveraged. Pilot solutions allow you to use the data gathered by your PoS while empowering you to integrate online ordering, financial management, online reservation management and even inventory management, among other features. Do you think you need operational reporting in your restaurant?