Music is a part of daily life. Whether you’re driving in your car, walking in a mall or standing in a queue at the bank, there’s bound to be a rhythmic backtrack to fill the silence. There is also much to be said about the psychology of music and how it can influence the moods and even actions of people. 

The music you choose to play in your restaurant can persuade your patrons to linger longer or to just eat and go. But not all music is suited to every type of establishment different types of genres, tempos and instruments will evoke different emotional responses. Contemporary instrumental music sets a sophisticated mood in a fine-dining restaurant, while the same might have patrons at the local pub yawning over their beers and burgers. 

These restaurant tips will help you to select the best compilation of background music for your establishment.

The coffee shop playlist

Coffee shops are great places to hold informal business meetings, do remote work and have casual dates. They also usually have their own distinct decor and atmosphere that’s not complete without some good tunes. It can be a tricky task to find a balance between good background music that isn’t too obtrusive. Toned-down genres of electronic music, alternative soft rock and upbeat jazz go down well with a cup of steaming java. Coffee shop background music should be ambient with subdued instrumentals and vocals to ensure that conversations are heard. 

The pub playlist

Compiling a playlist for a pub or bar is the exact opposite of the soft, ambient coffee bar sounds. People don’t go to bars to sit and enjoy a relaxing dinner ― they want to have a good time with a couple of beers and loud music has been proven to increase alcohol sales. Rock genres are the fuel for a lively social atmosphere, especially classic rock singalongs. Dance and house music doesn’t have a place here, but if you want to encourage dancing, opt for country classics, punk and electronic rock. 

The luxury restaurant playlist

People go to fine, high-end restaurants to spend money on great cuisine and excellent service. Whether it’s for a special birthday, anniversary or celebration, no one goes to a fine dining establishment for a quick bite or a cup of coffee. The background music must suit the level of expectation from patrons carefully considered and arranged. 

A luxury restaurant playlist can be similar to that of a coffee shop, but with more emphasis on instruments. Classical and modern instrumental and smooth jazz are great options. Live performances with piano, string and wind instruments on weekends provide an extra touch of exclusivity. 

A general restaurant tip when choosing background music, regardless of the type of establishment you have, is to stick to what works. Refrain from adding the latest chart-toppers just to remain current, especially if they don’t support your restaurant’s concept. Stick to genres and tempos that complement the dining experience and make patrons want to linger longer. (Prozac)

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Author : Rudi Badenhorst