The FBI reports that the incidence of cybercrime has quadrupled since the start of the coronavirus pandemic with the agency receiving cybercrime complaints 3 000 to 4 000 times a day. Closer to home, security intelligence agency iDefense found that South Africa had the third-highest number of cybercrime victims in the world last year. Combine these two insights and you arrive at a straightforward conclusion – South Africa is at an increased risk of cybercrime and has been for some time.

Now let’s discuss your restaurant. What should you be doing to ensure that your PoS data is as secure as possible? Most restaurateurs commit to backing up their PoS data in the cloud as a security measure, but it’s becoming clear that it’s not enough. You need to protect your data from the malicious intents of cybercriminals and from human error and natural disasters. 

This is where IronTree Protect comes in.


Comprehensive backup and recovery 

The first half of the IronTree Protect solution is PoS data backup, recovery and archiving. This ensures that your establishment can always bounce back from data loss and is meeting its compliance requirements. First, all your most critical data, including your transactional data and Pilot SQL database, is backed up in the cloud. Then automated periodic backups of incremental data will take over to ensure the data in the cloud is up to date. A separate server is reserved for archival data which is historical data that you will need for legal compliance.

Robust antivirus defence

The other half of the IronTree Protect solution is a fortress of antivirus protection. Cybercriminals can exploit almost any networked device as an intrusion entry point. Card readers, consoles, iPads aren’t secure when they’re just out of the box – they need an extra layer of protection. IronTree Protect’s antivirus functionality keeps cyberattacks at bay with sophisticated detection methods that can keep up with the evolution of malware strains. This means that your server, console and all peripherals are secure from Trojan horses, spyware, rootkits and ransomware. 

Trusted by Pilot, perfect for you

We have aligned with IronTree as a trusted provider of business continuity services and data protection solutions. By combining cloud backup and antivirus protection in one solution, IronTree gives your restaurant an advantage that few other reputable providers can offer. You get the convenience of two solutions in one that you don’t have to supervise in any way – and the peace of mind that your entire PoS ecosystem is protected and your data can survive any disaster. It’s the perfect solution for restaurateurs trying to navigate these difficult times.

Download the IronTree Protect brochure for more information.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst