A PoS system is integral to your restaurant. Once implemented, it is compatible with all business operations. You will use it every day, so will your manager and staff. So if it’s not the right fit, it will add zero value to the business. In fact, it will degrade it. Restaurant owners are sold on the need for a PoS system, but end up choosing a generic one that isn’t suitable for a restaurant, which is where they end up in trouble. You won’t go wrong if you take heed of our advice before you upgrade or implement a new PoS system.

It isn’t only about sales

The right PoS system will send orders straight to the kitchen without waiters having to go in person. It will also keep track of the number of times customers have visited your establishment. If your waiters are relying on memory, then your system is failing you. And if your system only conducts sales transactions, you won’t be able to offer your patrons other modes of payments. This is where our point-of-sale software comes in – it integrates with app-based innovations like SnapScan and Zapper for more flexible payment options.

No room for bulky hardware

Appearance is everything in a restaurant and if you have outdated bulky equipment on your counter, it speaks volumes about your business. Will customers second-guess your ability to provide a reliable service? They may think, will the machine be able to handle my payment? With our mobile point-of-sale software you can have fixed or waiter based iPads – brand the stand in your business colour/s if counter based. You can also use iPads as menus on your tables to offer a different mode of ordering. Or, your waiters can have an iPad on standby to show indecisive patrons pictures of menu items they are not sure about ordering.

No access to customer data

If your PoS system isn’t integrated into a customer database, you are missing out because gaining valuable insights about your customers helps to drive up revenue. Our PoS system will help you collect contact information and order preferences. This can then be used to segment specific marketing campaigns and loyalty programmes to ensure repeat visits to your restaurant. As mentioned before, a sound PoS system will inform you if a patron is on a return visit, so you can reward them with a discount or a free drink to show your appreciation. They will be impressed that you remembered them.

Losing track of business performance

Have you already bought that generic PoS system you were thinking about getting? It’s probably doing nothing for your bottom line. The Pilot PoS system will track sales and manage stock levels. Now you can eliminate guesswork to reduce food wastage or under-ordering and analyse the profitability of items to make smarter buying decisions.

Gain unprecedented accountability with a PoS system in your restaurant. It will keep track of your staff’s hours and actions, with full security and time management. Our mission is not only to provide you with a PoS system for your restaurant, but to give you a complete end-to-end business management solution so you can manage your inventory, staff, sales and data all in one place.