Our Point of Sale (PoS) software has evolved and now has new features that provide the restaurant owner with a cache of tools to improve operations and create new opportunities to drive up sales. For businesses operating in the restaurant industry, the speed of adoption of new technology has a correlation to how efficiently they can improve service levels and convenience to the customer.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how technology plays its part in bringing about efficiency in restaurants, help drive sales and reduce operational overheads.


Accurate menu costing and ticket tracking

Calculating costs per meal can be tedious if you’re still doing it the old pen and paper way. Features such as visual representations and the smart organisation of menu data available in modern PoS software solutions allow for an accurate meal costing down to the last ingredient. Recipe tracking makes it simple for head chefs to ensure that kitchen budgets are aligned to company projections, thus increasing revenue for restaurants.

Recipe memorisation and ticket management can lead to human error and create massive bottlenecks, but with kitchen display units that track and update orders as they are placed, much of the overheads are removed and chefs can concentrate on putting the best dish on the plate by removing unnecessary pressure on the kitchen.

The PilotLive app for your convenience

Now the PilotLive app gives you the added convenience of mobile reporting right on your smartphone or tablet. Access PilotLive analytics anywhere and at any time for a full overview of your establishment. From live sales, discounts and voids to daily and monthly turnover plus supplier listings, purchases, payments and clock-in times, no aspect of your restaurant is left unchecked. Find out more about PilotLive.

Easy payments with QRHub

Convenience is key in restaurants and QRHub makes payments a breeze for customers. QRHub allows mobile payments by using a QR code. Patrons can use their preferred digital payment method by scanning one QR with their phone’s camera. QRHub supports Snapscan, Zapper, MasterPass, Tabbs and Vodapay. QRHub can also give you rating and billing functionality on this platform. In fact, you can get customer insights, ideas, complaints and compliments instantly without a third-party ratings agency. Find out more about QRHub.

Is your PoS software falling behind?

Efficiency derived from technology is a key factor in retaining and growing your customer base. Believe it or not, people often settle for shorter waiting periods in lieu of a better meal. Convenience can make the difference between visiting your outlet or the one next door. Pilot Software is a Point of Sale solution that leverages best-of-breed technology to bring restaurants a comprehensive business tool.

With a history and expertise in PoS Software solutions spanning 30 years, coupled with a forward-looking philosophy, our fixed and mobile solutions give customers the competitive edge. Our focus on the hospitality industry means you get a specialised solution designed and developed with your evolving needs in mind. Pilot PoS Software’s range of solutions gives you complete front- to back-of-house control with cutting-edge hardware and software technology.

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Author : Rudi Badenhorst