It would seem that a point of sale (PoS) system is a point of sale system, regardless of the provider. Many people are under the impression that if their PoS streamlines communication between the different areas of their restaurant that it’s sufficient.

But is this really the case?

Not all PoS solutions are created equal and some offer benefits beyond communication. Take mobile phones as an example. Their primary function is also to provide greater communication, but this doesn’t mean that an old school Nokia 5210 is on the same level as the latest iPhone 7.

A closer look at Pilot’s PoS

Pilot’s point of sale solutions have been designed with efficiency and control in mind. These systems offer additional features aside from those of the traditional cash register and can help restaurant owners and managers streamline restaurant operations. Our clients have the option to integrate loyalty programmes, reservation management, accounting and payroll services, and online backup.

But what do all of these advanced features mean for a restaurant? These are only some of the things that a Pilot PoS system will enable you to do:

  •  Eliminate wasteful processes
    PilotLive is an online browser-based reporting tool that provides real-time operational and financial data. Your PoS collects data as processes run through it. These relevant and reliable metrics are shown in easy to read reports that give you insight into your establishment and can be used to increase sales, improve workflows, identify operational weak points, eliminate revenue leakage and stock wastage as well as accurately forecast financials.
  • Precise and efficient inventory management
    Inventory affects the running of your entire restaurant. Overstocking perishable foods could lead to costly wastage and understocking could lead to the uncomfortable and unprofitable situation of not being able to prepare a certain menu item. Pilot’s point of sale solutions track and access inventory amounts and then automatically adjust them as orders are entered into the PoS. It also informs you of any backorders and can send requests to suppliers once stock reaches a certain level.
  • Manage staff schedules
    Managing employees’ hours and shifts is difficult and doing so manually often leaves room for human error and buddy clocking. Pilot’s point of sale solutions are fitted with a biometric fingerprint scanner that tracks employee check in and out times, determines hours worked and monitors employees movements in a bid to better identify weak areas. This function also helps servers login quickly without having to rely on complicated codes or passwords.
  • Improve your offering
    The PoS system captures and correlates meaningful data from all the automated processes that run through it. Not only can this be used to eliminate wasteful processes as mentioned above, it can also improve your offering and overall customer experience. The data highlights areas that require attention and also gives you insight into your target market and its needs. This information can be used to optimise your menu for sales and implement strategic specials or customised customer loyalty programmes. The data, and what you do with it, improves all-round efficiency.

Pilot seeks to provide the best for our clients and in this quest we constantly find new ways to improve our solutions. Whether it’s integrating additional features that will help support restaurant operations or simply providing on-demand classroom training, our PoS solutions are about more than just equipment – they’re about empowering your establishment.