Keeping up with technological innovations is one of the simplest ways of keeping your restaurant competitive. Technology simplifies and improves processes for restaurateurs by introducing key innovations. One such innovation that’s already transforming the restaurant and hospitality industries is mobile PoS. Gone are the days of the cash till at the front desk being the only method of processing orders and payments. Now, mobile PoS gives you complete control in the palm of your hand.

Better operational efficiency

Mobile PoS allows waiters to place orders at patrons’ tables instead of having to walk back to the front station. This makes the restaurant operate more smoothly and reduces the chaos of peak times. Mobile PoS empowers waitstaff to be more attentive to patrons, which does wonders for customer satisfaction.

Higher table turnover

Adding mobile PoS to your restaurant increases your table turnover sevenfold. This is a valuable ROI because a high table turnover means that you can seat more patrons each day. Restaurants with increased foot traffic can use mobile PoS to process orders and payments efficiently in those sections of the restaurant that might be far away from the central till, like an outdoor area.

Seamless payments

Payments are quick and easy with mobile PoS. Patrons can choose to pay in several ways, including payment apps like Zapper. Bills can be split up for large groups and tipping is handled in the same interface. Patrons have the choice of paying with their cards or smartphones.

Accurate orders

Mobile PoS cuts down on order inaccuracies by limiting human error. Orders placed at the patrons’ tables are automatically sent to the back-of-house system for preparation, with no need for waitstaff to report the orders verbally or in writing.

Server presence

When waitstaff don’t have to go back and forth between tables and the front station, they can attend to the needs of the patrons more regularly. Attentive service is one of the most vital elements of a great establishment and mobile PoS is the most cost-effective way to increase server presence.

Get customer satisfaction

Mobile PoS has been around for a while now and customers are starting to expect it. It could be a key determiner of whether a patron will return to your restaurant or not. In this tech-driven era, customers will choose the businesses with all the bells and whistles that will enhance their customer experience.