Using the term “time management” in business is a bit misleading. It isn’t so much the amount of time you have that prevents you from achieving daily, weekly or monthly goals, but how you manage your productivity with the tools at your disposal to achieve maximum impact. Let’s look at a few truisms concerning time management and how certain misperceptions can lead to even more of this precious resource slipping through your fingers.

Use technology, eliminate time wastage

Mobile devices have helped countless businesses to increase productivity levels, but they must be company-issued and administered by these entities to ensure appropriate usage. Think about restaurant owners for a minute. The introduction of handheld PoS systems to reduce time wastage and boost productivity is only achieved because employees can use these devices for the jobs they are meant to do.

If waiters had access to the myriad apps and internet-based distractions that permeate mobile devices, customers would have a fairly difficult time getting their attention to place an order. This means that although technology can improve your business’s overall performance and help with time management, unfettered usage can lead to the opposite. Placing restrictions on the use of company tools is something every business owner must address to gain their true business value.

Multitasking is usually counterproductive

Essentially, what happens when you’re trying to multitask is that you’re only paying half the amount of attention to each task, which can have negative results. Checking your email while sitting in an important meeting can distract you from decision-making with C-suite staff members. This results in more time spent on recapping the content of meetings by reading their minutes. Identify and prioritise your most pressing functions and take a non-negotiable stance on how you devote your time and energy. Remember, if you do pay a task its due diligence, you won’t have to spend more time revisiting it.

Find time to take a break

Regular timeouts to regroup your thoughts and strategise your way through high-pressure situations can help to resolve daily business pain points. Business executives and owners seldom admit to overworking themselves and find themselves burning out. Remember, your skills, expertise and experience are invaluable resources to your business, and if you’re burning out under the piles of paperwork and pressure from other employees, the business doesn’t get the most out of you as a resource. So take the time to step outside of the chaos every so often and regroup your thoughts. Give consideration to your next steps and you’ll find that pause for thought can yield higher returns than burning away on the treadmill.

Time management versus productivity

Prioritisation of tasks is the first step to more efficient time management and increased productivity. Business owners and top-level managers shouldn’t occupy themselves with duties that can be delegated to more junior staff members. For example, a manager who spends a large chunk of his or her time taking stock of and procuring stationery supplies is effectively draining the clock with functions that are below his or her pay grade. Inadequate leveraging of business tools can also seriously impede your ability to meet deadlines and remain on top of pressing matters.

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Author : Rudi Badenhorst