It’s now been just over a week since a variant of the “sodinokibi” RansomWare attack on Pilot clients. Here’s the latest information.

Around 400 sites had their data encrypted and were unable to trade for a period

  • This is a far lower number than our original estimates.
  • Sites were able to trade again between 1 hour and 48 hours later.
  • In most cases, data was restored from offsite, online backups.

Thirty two sites lost all data as they had no form of backups

  • We are assisting these sites, where possible, by restoring data from PilotLive.

Month End

  • If you lost partial turnover data, you should expect variances in your month-end reporting.
  • Email and we will try and restore missing data.

Two sites have cancelled their Pilot subscription

  • Neither of these sites had backups in place.

ESET, our antivirus vendors, have provided some feedback

Your IT platform

  • If you don’t have your own IT team, you should really engage a reputable service provider.
  • Correctly configured firewalls, commercial-grade routers, protected WiFi, antivirus, malware trackers, up-to-date OS patches and server platforms – these are just some of the services you should implement. 
  • Try

Final thoughts

  • For us, this was an unprecedented attack – however, these attacks are on the rise.
  • We’ve tried to be open and transparent about what happened,  and why it happened.
  • We’ve doubled shifts over the last week to get affected sites back up and running.
  • We remain committed to providing you with the best PoS product and support service in the market.