Your business requires more than a cash register to ring up sales and accept payments. You need a Point of Sale (PoS) system to handle sales data, manage inventory, generate reports, and to facilitate online ordering and payment integration. Whether you’re shopping for your first PoS system or are ready to upgrade to a new one, it’s a challenge to choose one that’s right for your business. We’re here to make this easier for you.

So what is a PoS system?

The function of a restaurant PoS system is to provide ordering, billing, accounting, table tracking and receipt printing capabilities for your establishment.

The round-up

It supports your business: Inventory management can be one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks to deal with, especially in the restaurant sector with its high turnover of goods and produce. PoS software automates this process and keeps track of all your stock levels.

Our software tracks inventory amounts, adds to figures when new stock is delivered and subtracts figures when orders are sent. You can also manage front stock item counts daily. This ensures that you will always have accurate inventory figures to prevent any wastage or shortages.

Feeds you valuable data: Real-time analysis provides insights into your ROI by displaying your best-performing items and the weakest ones, so you can reorder what’s popular and offer promotions on the less popular ones. You can also figure out when your busiest and slowest hours are and then optimise how to staff your business.

PilotLive, an online browser-based reporting tool, allows us to produce valuable reports based on the data collected by your PoS, including real time sales, discounts, voids, purchases, stock counts, stock valuation and the like.

Improve customer service: PoS software improves the customer service you provide because transactions are processed faster and more accurately. This leaves less room for price discrepancies. Your staff can pay more attention to patrons if they spend less time processing payments and manually closing bills. A reservation management solution that integrates with PoS, such as DinePlan, further enhances the customer experience.

An intuitive point-of-sale system integrated with your operational processes will help you drive your business forward with unprecedented speed and consistency.

At Pilot, we understand the inherent needs of your restaurant and have specifically developed our PoS systems to not only meet those needs, but to also help you maximise the uses of these features to drive the overall growth of your establishment.

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Author : Rudi Badenhorst