Winter is coming. These have always been the words of the Starks of Winterfell and now they seem to have come true, literally and figuratively. As South Africans pile the blankets on their beds and restaurants roll out powerful flame heaters, there’s no denying that winter is here. But the season also brings with it the Game of Thrones winter we’ve only ever heard of. As tensions mount and plotlines come together in the penultimate season of this spectacular series, those in the restaurant industry are presented with an unmissable opportunity – to cash in on the seventh season of the much-loved Game of Thrones.

  • Screenings
    Each year a popular South African film franchise screens the first episode of the season and the massive cult following goes all out to win tickets to this event. You can devise unique restaurant ideas similar to this to accommodate your patrons who are fans of the show. All that’s needed is a projector. Running a competition in which people have to engage with your social media platforms will be the ideal opportunity to generate more followers.
  • Game of Thrones quiz
    Fandoms like those of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter take great pleasure in proving their extensive knowledge of Middle Earth and Hogwarts respectively and Game of Thrones fans are no different. Hosting a Game of Thrones trivia night will guarantee a full house and will be given a boost if you offer a themed prize for the winning team.
  • Themed evenings
    Why not allow patrons to escape into the fantasy world they love so much by holding themed nights? You could decorate your restaurant in a style similar to the popular scenes/places of the series: the golden glamour of King’s Landing, the glum gloominess of the Red Wedding, or perhaps picnic baskets for those travelling from one faraway destination to another. You could even encourage patrons to dress up as their favourite characters and give away prizes for the best-dressed patrons.
  • Adjust your menu
    Restaurant ideas that incorporate a fictional story are usually paired with special menu items. Whether it’s simply a special or a temporary menu, there are many things you can do. Perhaps a main course of Frey Pies, Valar spaghetti and Little Fingers for the kids followed by a dessert of Sansa’s lemon cream pies. The world is really your oyster(s, clams and cockles).
  • Wine night
    For a series as abundant in wine as Game of Thrones, the best restaurant ideas involve this. Rename a selection of your finest wines in honour of A Song of Ice and Fire series. There could be a Tyrion Lannister wine from Casterly Rock, Septa Unella’s last wine or possibly the Night’s Watch blend, but be careful, the last one is bound to be potent. Restaurant owners can also make this wine selection a part of the quiz night. After all, that’s what Game of Thrones fans do, they drink and they know things.

One of the many advantages of the restaurant industry is the ability to celebrate holidays and current events with your patrons. However, offering relevant events and specials is only one of the ingredients in the recipe for restaurant success.