Point of sale for restaurants.

Manage your restaurant or bar with Pilot Software.


Fast and intuitive POS software.


Rugged and reliable POS hardware.

Mobile POS

@Table ordering and payments.

Additional Features

Mobile POS

Our system can be used on multiple platforms, such as Windows workstations, Android @table ordering, and remote iPads.


Digital Ordering

Our Point of Sale system effortlessly syncs with your Uber Eats, Mr D, Avo and Mr Yum apps, ensuring orders flow smoothly from screen to kitchen whilst managing payments.



Information at your fingertips. Trading data and key metrics available in real time. Download via Google Play or App Store.


Digital Payment

Our Point of Sale system integrates with Zapper, SureSwipe, SnapScan and PilotPay payment methods.


Pilot Support

Our support desk and Whatsapp Chat Bot are available 24/7 to assist you with any problems you may be experiencing.


Multiple POS outlet solutions for markets requiring turnover based rental calculations. Customizable service options, such as variable pricing and availability settings to fit your business needs.

User-friendly interface that is easy to customize with site specific inventory level setup alerts, updating you when stock items are low and generates reports to ensure efficient cashflows.

Pilot’s HQ Tool allows you to manage multiple locations from a single dashboard, making it easy to monitor sales, inventory, and employee performance across all locations while tracking royalty calculations.

The suite of franchisee management tools allows you to manage franchisee accounts and track payments with customizable menus and pricing options. PilotLIVE provides detailed sales reports for each location.

Our range of products will satisfy all of your point of sale and business management needs. Book your no obligation Pilot POS Software demo and find out how Pilot POS can integrate seamlessly with your business to manage your restaurant’s front and back office to keep your finger on the pulse of your establishment.


Circus Circus – Galleria Mall

“I am LOVING the Pilot system! The PoS has put me so in touch with my stock and COS, daily operations are a breeze, In-Time time and attendance is great, Pilot is so user friendly - you really have such an amazing PoS system. The PilotLive app is fantastic! And support available via the app - just next level!"

Ocean Basket

“I have had no PoS experience, but have found Pilot easy to learn, and user friendly. The Pilot team have been professional and supportive . The stock control functions save me money daily. There are great financial controls, which I can access anytime/anywhere with my PilotLive app”

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