Make transactions easy

Our mobile technology is transforming the restaurant industry by improving customer service and overall efficiency. Fewer order errors with improved order speed and table turn add to a better customer experience. Our mobile Point of Sale devices seamlessly integrate with Pilot PoS using iPad mini devices, with no training required.

Lower cost of ownership

These modern devices are cheaper and cost less to maintain than their predecessors. The iPad mini mobile devices tend to have a longer lifespan than older systems.

Improve communications

Eliminate the possibility of human error in the ordering process from the front of house to the back of house. Mobile PoS allows waiting staff to accurately capture and control the delivery time of each order placed.

Ease of use

Our mobile PoS software integrates seamlessly with iPad mini devices. The interface is easy to use and requires little training for waiting staff to operate. It makes taking orders easier and more accurate.

Something to sinkyour teeth into

Our range of products will satisfy all of your restaurant needs. Our offering is enhanced by our experience and insight into the industry.


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