SmartPoS Mobile Tableside Ordering and Payments

Pilot's new SmartPoS technology makes at table digital ordering and payments a reality, with lower cost of ownership.


Improve order speed and accuracy

Waiters use 5.5″ SmartPoS devices to take orders directly at the table, which are immediately posted into Pilot PoS. Menus are updated directly from Pilot PoS and devices use the same transaction flow as Pilot PoS. No paper, no memory slips, no queuing at till points.

At table payments – trash the Speedpoint!

Use the same SmartPoS device to take any form of payment – Chip and PIN, Tap and Go, Zapper, SnapScan and swipe. A fully itemised bill, with your logo, prints from this PCI and EMV certified unit.

Constant connectivity

SmartPoS devices use in store WiFi or inbuilt dual-SIM to ensure constant, fast connectivity – for both ordering and payments.

Lower cost of ownership

Rent as many devices as you need, and return your Speedpoints! Get tableside ordering and payments – and massive efficiency improvements – for a little more than monthly Speedpoint costs.

Taking delivery orders?

Use the same SmartPos device when delivering telephone orders – accept any form of payment, and the transaction is finalised in Pilot PoS, immediately. No more cash risk, or waiting for drivers to return, and no more cashup variances.

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