Restaurant Software

A complete Point of Sale software solution built on sophisticated yet user-friendly technology allows you to manage your restaurant front office and back office and keep your finger on the pulse of your establishment.

Proven over 30 years

Built by restaurateurs for restaurateurs.

Used by thousands of restaurants

From food trucks to multi brand franchise outlets.

Integrated POS and stock control

Realtime inventory and daily controls.

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Easy to Use

Waiter training in under 30 minutes and management training in a day.

User Access Control

10 levels of security from waiter to owner with fingerprint access.

Recipe Management

Set up recipes and stock links down to a single gram.

Supplier Maintenance

Send orders directly to suppliers and track purchase pricing history.

Menu Management

Replicate your complete menu including sides, options, descriptives, and set out-of-stock items.

Stock Control

Daily, weekly and monthly stock control across multiple stock points.

Food Cost Management

Maximise profits by controlling every item bought and sold, reported at income statement level.

Daily Prep

See actual stock variances per shift or per day to minimise stock losses.

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PilotPay technology makes integrated @table card and digital payments a reality. Benefit from flexible device rental costs and negotiated transaction rates on a per site basis.

Monthly Device Rental

Monthly fees include payment device, dual SIM card and breakage/theft insurance. Negotiated card transaction costs to be applied.

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@Table payments

Trash the Speedpoint and go green! Use the integrated PilotPay device to take any form of payment – Chip and PIN, Tap and Go, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and swipe. SMS or email a digital receipt directly from the device!

Simplified cashup

Processed transactions appear automatically as approved payments in both the Pilot waiter and admin cashups – no more manual reconciliation or retendering.

Low rental costs

Rent as many devices as you need and return your Speedpoint! Get integrated, secure payments – and massive efficiency improvements – for little more than monthly Speedpoint costs.

Secure and fully Integrated

This PCI and EMV certified device will only accept payments for tables already open on Pilot – no more double swipes and incorrect tender types.

Constant connectivity

PilotPay devices use in store WiFi or inbuilt SIM to ensure constant, fast connectivity – even in dead spot areas.

Taking delivery orders?

Use the same device when delivering telephone orders – accept any form of payment, and the transaction is finalised in Pilot PoS, immediately. No more cash risk, or waiting for drivers to return, and no more cashup variances.

POS Hardware

Rugged, reliable built to purpose POS equipment with a 3-Year Warranty.

Integrated fingerprint reader

Foolproof biometric login for all users and time and attendance.

Built in printer

Fast thermal printer for slips and orders.

Customer facing display

Dual screen for marketing and digital payments.

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Mobile POS

@Table orders and payments.

iPad or Android tablet device

Wifi enabled.

Secure ordering

Intuitive order flow and submission.

Integrated Payments

Snapscan, Zapper and other digital payments accepted.

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Improved Speed and Accuracy

Waiters use iPads or Android tablet devices to take orders directly at the table, which are immediately posted into Pilot POS. Menus are updated directly from Pilot POS and devices use the same transaction flow as Pilot POS. No paper, no forgotten items, no queuing at till points.

Constant Connectivity

Mobile POS devices use in store wifi to ensure constant, fast connectivity – for both ordering and payments.

@Table payments

Use the same Mobile POS device to take any form of digital payment.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Rent as many devices as you need or supply your own! Get tableside ordering and payments – and massive efficiency improvements.

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Something to sinkyour teeth into

Our range of products will satisfy all of your restaurant needs. Our offering is enhanced by our experience and insight into the industry.


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