PoS hardware has revolutionised the way restaurants do business. It has not only made it easier for us to run our businesses, but to also engage with customers. A notoriously competitive business demands that restaurant owners make their systems as efficient and as customer-friendly as possible. Some restaurant owners might be put off by this technology and the perceived obstacles of cost or the difficulty in implementation, but you should ask yourself if you want to lose customers to competing restaurants who are already enjoying the benefits.

It’s report time

In business, being organised is an important part of long-lasting success and the restaurant industry is no different. Using PoS hardware, restaurateurs can access more information than using a traditional cash register. Using the central hub, business owners can check the restaurant’s inventory or even access information from any PoS terminal in their establishment and produce detailed reports on sales or log times. More advanced PoS can also provide business reports on profits and loss, stock, popular items and server sales.

Check it out

Customer relationships are key for restaurants and faster check-out speeds contribute to this. Use our PoS to avoid bottlenecks and improve your service, including table management and overall experience. Waiters will benefit from getting an overview of the establishment and operators can easily monitor the status of tables, table transfers between waiters, table bookings and billings from a single screen.

No mistakes

Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry will know that accuracy is a make-or-break factor. It impacts efficiency, customer service, server tips, and the overall bottom line of the restaurant. Most restaurants work with an extensive inventory and making a small mistake can have far-reaching implications. PoS hardware can assist in keeping calculations accurate and ensure that your database is updated without the burden of extra admin.

Take an inventory

We mentioned before that inventory can be checked with PoS hardware, but the importance of this feature cannot be overstated. For busy restaurateurs, having a knowledge of exact inventory details is a lifesaver. Inventory doesn’t just keep track of the movement of products, among others, it can tell you the date a product was sold and its price. This information is useful for restaurant owners who must ensure that they never run out of crucial items. After all, you should never run out of your most popular dish.Accelerate communications

PoS hardware allows restaurants to improve their communications. With PoS technology, servers can send information directly to the kitchen without delivering it in person. This enhances efficiencies, makes things easier for servers and means that customers get their food earlier.

Avoid a splitting headache

Splitting the bill between different patrons is a headache for servers. Without a PoS, it requires advanced maths skills from waiters. And ringing up each order separately means time away from other customers. A PoS system makes the process easier with advanced software that can give each customer their own total in no time – and they can choose their method of payment.
PoS hardware can help you run your restaurant better.