As a restaurant owner, you want the best for your restaurant. This includes everything from operations to serviette quality. But getting the best out of your business means seeking out the best. When choosing a point of sale (PoS) solution, many restaurant owners believe that it doesn’t matter which solution you choose, as long as it can accept orders. It’s only after onboarding a solution that they realise they could have chosen a system that would have given them more features.

Not all PoS systems are created equal – some solutions empower your restaurant while others do only the basics. Point of sale systems have transformed to become state-of-the-art solutions that assist with operational planning, financial reporting, payroll, inventory management and many other functions. At Pilot, we continually seek new ways to improve our offering by finding new elements to integrate, such as accounting and online ordering. We put the ‘extra’ into extraordinary point of sale solutions. This is how:

  • Accurate data when you need it
    Your PoS system is a hub of information. It collects data on the way servers move through the restaurant, your financials, inventory and many other aspects of the establishment. This data, when collected and analysed effectively, can help restaurant owners improve their offering, identify operational weaknesses, make accurate forecasts, track sales and inventory, and gain a bird’s-eye view of the restaurant. Pilot systems reflect data in real time and provide multiple in-store and mobile PilotLive reports that are easy to understand.
  • Inventory management
    Inventory becomes automated as the point of sale system tracks it for you. As orders are entered into the system, amounts are automatically deducted from inventory levels. Restaurant managers can set up notifications when stocks start to dwindle and the PoS can even send an order to your suppliers. This reduces the risk of human error and the amount of manual time spent on an inventory count.
  • Marketing, pricing and promotions
    The data collected by your PoS can be used to optimise your sales and improve your promotions. You gain an insight into how well menu items are performing, your patrons and their spending habits and the effectiveness of loyalty programs and marketing initiatives. The system also collects the contact details of customers which allows you to implement direct marketing strategies and get onto a first-name basis with your customers. This also helps you to create customised promotions and offer specials on popular menu items, which will lead to a stronger brand identity.
  • Accurate and efficient payment processing
    Pilot systems have been designed with speed and efficiency in mind. Payment processing happens quickly and accurately, as well as the opening and closing of tables and printing bills. Our advanced systems make it possible to process debit and credit card payments at the PoS or at the tables using ZapperSnapScan and MasterPass mobile payments. You can also use Pilot mobile PoS to process transactions.
  • Accounting and payroll
    Restaurants that use Pilot can integrate Sage Pastel accounting software into their PoS. This allows restaurant owners to accurately track their financials and employee payroll information. Systems record employee work shifts with biometric fingerprint scanning and also provide information on shift and leave schedules. The integrated accounting documents all sales and inventory orders, ensuring that your financial data is correct for the tax season.

Pilot systems have been perfected for more than 25 years, to bring our clients state-of-the-art PoS that not only processes orders, but supports operational processes and puts you on the road to restaurant success.