And we’re back!

Sit-down trade is to resume from today, 29th June, and with continued lobbying, we can expect on-consumption liquor sales to follow soon enough;  we wish all our clients and the broader hospitality sector the very best of luck with their return to a level of normality.

Even with the allowances and easing of lockdown protocols though, it would be premature to expect enough of a bounce back to merit the license fee increases planned prior to lockdown – so LICENSE FEE INCREASES STILL DEFERRED INDEFINITELY.


We will only invoice license fees to trading sites in July, and will again be contacting those sites we are uncertain about to confirm invoicing, and to set debit order dates.

If with the opportunity to do sit-down business you wish to trade, but have debt owing to Pilot pre-April 2020, we will not be able to unlock your software until this debt has been settled or an agreed payment plan made.

Similarly, we will NOT be able to credit subscription services or financial leases, where we have hosting, equipment, and 3rd party service costs.

Line items that will NOT be credited remain per below.

  • Rentals
  • PilotFIN
  • PilotLive
  • ESET antivirus
  • IronTree backups

We again appeal to clients who can pay us, to please do so.


With only half of Pilot clients expected to re-open by the end of July, we, unfortunately, had to retrench a number of staff.

We were at pains to retain the skills and resources needed, to ensure support and maintenance related services remain at the highest level.

We will continue to monitor client needs, and increase resources when required, to ensure our service and product offering remain at the levels of efficiency you grew accustomed to.

From July, support will return to 06h00 to 24h00 every day.

Please contact us on +27-11-6028300, or via email

On-site services are in place, but will only be available to those site with no Pre-April 2020 debts.


With the reality of hundreds of sites closing, we have collected an enormous amount of PoS equipment.

Pilot can now offer significant discounts on returned and refurbished equipment for overdue Win10 upgrades, integrated online, and kerb-side ordering terminal expansions.

Please contact us at with your equipment queries and needs, and we’ll present opportunities on vastly reduced pricing, with relevant warranties.

If you had any queries outside of what is mentioned above, please feel free to drop us a line.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst