Monday night’s (March 23) lockdown announcement might have come as a shock but we need to be proactive about our business, step back and take stock of real, pressing issues:

  • Pilot staff well-being
  • Pilot client continuity
  • Pilot’s own business continuity 


  • We will only increase license fees from June 2020.


  • As all our clients are now forced to cease trading, we will have no income if we are to cancel fees. 
  • We also expect no new business in April.
  • We are unable to claim from the SME fund as we are not considered an SME.
  • We have to face the reality that the future of our business is uncertain.


  • We will continue to invoice site fees in April, however, we will NOT run any debit orders, or push for collection of debt.
  • No interest will accrue.
  • There will essentially be a payment holiday for April.
  • We ask those sites that are in a position to pay us, either head offices, or via business interruption insurance, or via the SME fund, to please do so.
  • We will start up the collections and debit order processes again in May, assuming the lockdown is over.


  • Claim from your business interruption insurance.
  • Claim from the SME fund
  • Speak to your bankers and landlords and suppliers now about payment holidays. 
  • Stay up to date on tax/PAYE/UIF/SDL rebates and the like by following this official page.  
  • Stay informed about your industry by following updates on the Restaurant Association of South Africa website.  


  • We will be maintaining skeleton support staff working from home, who can assist you telephonically on +27-11-6028300 or via remote access via email on 
  • We will run restricted hours of support from 08h00 to 22h00 every day.
  • On-site services are suspended.
  •  For more information on changing trading dates when you reopen follow this link.

Although these measures are unprecedented, the lockdown will be crucial to the country and us all getting through this safely.

We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe

Author : Glenn Miller