We’ve made it, Level 3!


With limited trade expected at level 3 coupled with continued uncertainty about seating capacity, we will delay the increase of license fees until there is more clarity on this matter.


We will only invoice license fees to trading sites in June, we will be contacting you to confirm payment, and to set debit order dates.

If you wish to trade but have debt owing to Pilot pre-April 2020, we will not be able to unlock your software until this debt has been settled.

We will NOT be able to credit subscription services or financial leases, where we have hosting, equipment, and 3rd party service costs.

Line items that will NOT be credited, for April or May, and will be billed in June, include:

• Rentals
• PilotFin
• PilotLive
• ESET antivirus
• IronTree backups

We again appeal to clients who can pay us, to please do so.

Stay informed about your industry by following updates on the Restaurant Association of South Africa website and TBCSA.


With roughly 30% of Pilot clients re-opening for Level3, we have increased our call centre and operational capacity. Staff are returning to work as demand dictates.

From June, support will be available from 06h00 to 22h00 every day.

Please contact us on +27-11-6028300, or via email support@pilot.co.za

On-site services have resumed; please understand that no services will be provided to sites with
debt pre-April 2020.


After the concession to have restaurants offer take-out and deliveries of both food and alcohol, we have engaged with a 3 rd party platform to facilitate on-line orders and delivery aggregation with secured payments at vastly reduced service fees.

For more information please mail us at web@pilot.co.za or directly at Placeorder


With expected legislation and the norms related to social distancing and equipment disinfection, it would be prudent to consider Pilot’s mobile POS offering for collections and drive-thru ordering.

For more information on how to achieve single contact POS transactions with a significantly lowered cost for a scaled POS network, please follow this link: placeorder

Stay Strong,

Author : Rudi Badenhorst