Movies can provide us with insights into our lives, they help us to see the lighter side of life or entertain us by opening up a world of infinite possibilities. So what could be better than combining movies with our other great love, restaurants? Here are our top picks for movies that will give you a real taste of what it’s like to work in the restaurant industry.

Ratatouille (2007)

In this animated movie, Remy dreams of becoming a famous chef and sharing his culinary skills with the world. Just one problem: He’s a rat so he’s not popular in the kitchen. Remy enlists the help of Linguini, a kitchen hand, to try and help him impress a famous food critic. This leads to a hilarious and moving story that highlights what it’s like to work in a restaurant – stress, camaraderie and a passion for food.

Coyote Ugly (2000)

Violet leaves her hometown to become a singer but ends up working in a bar to make ends meet. But this isn’t any bar, it’s the Coyote Ugly Bar, a trendy all-nighter that is a bit rough-looking, but showcases the sexy dance moves of its beautiful barmaids on the bar top. Their performances become so famous they even make the local newspaper. While the health and safety of the bar might make restaurant owners a little nervous, the movie relays how important atmosphere is to the success of any establishment.

Burnt (2015)

“The only place I’ve ever felt at home is in the kitchen,” says Chef Adam. Unfortunately, a drug and alcohol addiction lead to a meltdown that results in him having to give up his position as a chef at a top Paris restaurant. This is the story of how Adam attempts to make his comeback and earn a Michelin star. What does it take to run a Michelin-star restaurant? Relentless perfectionism and attention to detail, and that’s a good idea for running any restaurant.

Little Italy (2018)

This list wouldn’t be complete without a movie about pizza. In this movie, Nikki and Leo are from pizzeria-running families in Toronto, Canada. Their respective families ran the same restaurant but their fathers fell out, which left them running rival businesses next door to each other. Family-run businesses always have their own complications but, for the sake of the pizza, they work out their differences for a happy ending.

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