PilotLive has simplified owner’s and operator’s lives by giving instant access to turnover, discounts, voids, and other vital site matrices – all in-app.

Now, Pilot has partnered with Retail Capital to give you instant access to funding – with unrestricted use.


Through your PilotLive app, Retail Capital will be able to offer your business real-time cash advances. Clearly displayed on your dashboard, access to funding has never been easier.

Since 2011, we have provided businesses with innovative, flexible, and convenient alternatives to traditional business loans. Business owners still identify access to working capital as the single biggest challenge that they are faced with.

Being responsible for 50% of the country’s GDP and contributing to over 65% of employment, we are devoted to partnering with small to medium-sized businesses to grow the South African economy. This is where we can help and we are proud to have partnered with more than 28,000 SME’s in providing funding of more than R3bn+ to date.

We believe that technology can make people’s lives easier in both big and small ways. This philosophy has resulted in the development of a cutting-edge point of sale business solution, which encompasses all elements required to run a profitable food and beverage establishment. From turning the traditional cash register into a mobile device to connecting you with suppliers whenever you need to stock up, Pilot Software puts you in control of your business.