Owning a restaurant is a dream, but it does come with a fair share of responsibilities that require you to be constantly on your feet. It’s either about the sourcing of correct ingredients, continually reviewing menus to stay abreast of customer demands, retaining staff and knowing how to market the business.

What if we told you there’s a single system to help you with this – and much more? We’re
talking about a Point of Sale (PoS) system of course. It consists of the correct combination of hardware and software to centralise business operations. So let’s dive right into exactly what the system can do for your establishment.

Improve your efficiency

Each transaction offers valuable reporting information. It can seem impossible to keep up with the trends, but it isn’t impossible for a PoS system. Today’s patrons, especially millennials, have higher standards than previous generations. They are concerned about their diet and nutrition and this will affect the sourcing of your ingredients.

Gathering and using guest preferences and intelligence is the best way to ensure that you cater for demand. Not only will you know what to buy, but how much too. The PoS system will track your inventory and provide an accurate figure for product movements and daily usage patterns. The real-time data eliminates wastage or shrinkage of food items, ensuring that you’re fully stocked.

Eradicate human errors

Reduce the misinterpretation of handwritten orders and delayed service from the start with mobile PoS. Employees can take orders on a tablet and these will instantly be sent to the kitchen. No running back for order clarifications and no delays on the way to the kitchen. At any time, servers can access open checks to verify the accuracy of each bill – an ability that should cause less confusion with larger tables.

Security of data

Your PoS system will hold vast amounts of data, but there’s no need to worry about the security of it. The latest PoS software offers advanced security. Pilot Point of Sale uses a secure, encrypted MS-SQL database, and our partnership with IronTree ensures that all your valuable restaurant data is safely stored off-site in IronTree’s server farm.

What Pilot brings to the table

Pilot Software is a trusted PoS provider and has been serving the industry for over 27 years. Our reach expands across local borders and we have a network of value-added resellers coupled with on-site, telephonic and remote support. We ensure maximum uptime when we partner with you and your business.

Andreas Georgiou, a manager at The Grove’s Ocean Basket, says this about Pilot Software: “Pilot has been a great fit into what the future holds for Ocean Basket as it provides seamless integration to assist in delivering what we do best – seafood!”

He adds that Pilot Software allows a person to “take control of your operations from a single backend – your admin console. Increase your bottom line with features built to increase revenue and use real-time metrics and historical data to drive your decisions.”

Download our product brochure to find out how our software can turn things around in your restaurant.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst