It’s hard to imagine a world before the evolution of the smartphone and smart mobile devices. The capabilities that intuitive applications and remote access have brought to life have supercharged the way in which we do almost everything in our daily lives. But it’s in the business sector where the power of mobile is truly shining through by simplifying the management of processes, monitoring progress and most importantly allowing for intuitive mobile reporting. In the hospitality industry, especially when managing more than one outlet or establishment at a time, the benefits of mobile reporting have proven to be invaluable.

This blog looks into the benefits of mobile reporting and how Pilot’s upgraded mobile analytics app can help to optimise every aspect of an establishment:

Everything is mobile, so why not restaurant management?

The idea of remote working is no longer seen as a luxury but has become a necessity in certain business sectors. It’s simply impossible to be everywhere at once in a restaurant, especially when managing more than one establishment. Having mobile access to every area of a restaurant can help optimise everything from stock control, staff productivity, waste reduction and ultimately revenue.

Not only is mobile reporting a scalable and cost saving solution, but it enables real-time tracking for greater transparency of every restaurant function. There’s no need to check in with each establishment or restaurant division, all you need is a smart device and an internet connection.

Having a broad overview of all processes and transactions can assist and improve service delivery, monitoring of operation costs, quality of products and services and most importantly client experience.

PilotLive is the foundation of ultimate mobile reporting

While it’s essential to have a comprehensive point of sale system in place, you need the data that is captured to assist you in improving and optimising processes. This is the main purpose of our PilotLive analytics solution – to correlate data and generate meaningful reports.

Information captured by staff through our mobile PoS devices and the main PoS workstation is analysed and collected in one place to help create a broad and forward thinking approach to restaurant management. PilotLive is a one-stop solution to help increase revenue, limit stock wastage and identify aspects of the establishment that needs improvement.

Get everything you need and more with our upgraded PilotLive app

To have access to even more of the benefits of our PilotLive analytics, we have designed our app to give you the power of mobile reporting. We recently upgraded our PilotLive app to give you faster, smarter and more intuitive mobile reporting from anywhere at any time. The app, which is available for both Android and iOS, can be downloaded onto your smart phone or tablet and gives you an overall view of the establishment. With added reports and faster response times, the app now provides a complete restaurant overview.

From live sales, discounts and voids, through to daily and monthly turnover, plus supplier listings, purchases, payments and clock-in times, no aspect of your restaurant is left unchecked.

The intuitive trading patterns report correlates the amount of meals served per sitting, total sales and bills paid. Now even prep variances, cashup variances and your income statement can be viewed on demand.

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Author : Rudi Badenhorst