It’s essential to stay abreast of technology if you want to run a successful restaurant business. You can make your life much easier by taking advantage of restaurant software – and Pilot PoS is central to the success of South African establishments. And to ensure that our offering remains top-class, we continue to update it with new capabilities. QRHub is the latest innovation we’ve added to our PoS for the convenience of both our merchants and consumers.

QRHub makes payments a breeze

QRHub allows mobile payments by using a QR code. No app to download. No cards to link. Patrons can use their preferred digital payment method by scanning one QR with their phone’s camera. QRHub supports Snapscan, Zapper, MasterPass, Tabbs and Vodapay.

How it works for Merchants

  • Pilot PoS will print a QR code at the bottom of the bill.
  • The patron scans the QR code using their phone camera or QR code scanner.
  • QRHub secure webpage will open on their phone showing bill items, totals and store details.
  • They will select “Pay” and choose a mobile payment gateway from the ones offered in your store.
  • The payment is processed and funds will be transferred to your account in a snap.
  • Patrons can then rate you immediately, and send themselves a PDF copy of the bill.

The benefits of QRHub

  • Single QR for all mobile payments. Patrons choose their preferred payment method without opening another app.
  • Easy and safe transactions. They just scan a code with their camera. That’s it. No signup, no app and no security risks.
  • Email bills and get rated. A digital copy of the bill with your branding is sent to the patron. They can rate you immediately via QRHub, or later, directly from the digital bill link.
  • Bill-splitting. Coming soon, bills will be able to be split conveniently by item and paid in QRHub. There’s no need for bill splits in Pilot PoS and no more payment miscalculations.

No third-party ratings agency

QRHub gives you ratings and billing functionality on one platform. In fact, you get customer insights, ideas, complaints and compliments instantly without a third-party ratings agency.
And that’s not all. Your customers will enjoy more benefits if you make use of Pilot’s loyalty programme. With our loyalty programme, your patrons can:

  • Pay with a digital gift card directly from QRHub
  • Earn and use loyalty points directly from QRHub
  • Pay with a digital voucher directly from QRHub

Your patrons’ technological know-how has evolved and advanced at a rapid pace, but so has the technology available to your restaurant. Restaurants will always rely on human interactions to connect food lovers with fantastic dishes, but this doesn’t mean that everything has to rely on humans. Digital transformation has allowed us to provide an improved customer experience. Find out more about QRHub.

Download our infographic, The point of Point of Sale, to discover why Pilot is the obvious choice for your establishment.

Author : Rudi Badenhorst